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Intelligent 'have better sperm'

"Men of higher intelligence tend to produce better quality sperm, UK research suggests."

Ha! Eat that! In your Face!

*whistles innocently*

On a different note:

Gender-confused teens drug call

"Young teenagers with serious gender identity disorders should be given drugs which will block puberty, international experts suggest.

The US Endocrine Society's draft guidelines say the move would give adolescents crucial time to decide which gender they want to live in.

New Scientist reports they are based work at a Netherlands clinic where 70 teens were successfully treated."

I cant imagine being faced with either the need for a decision like that, or to have the option of drugs to provide me with more time, especially at that time of your life, or even worse of a decision being possible and NOT being given the choice but having it made for me silently, or worse, the possibility of the decision being hidden from me and it being made for me by others with surgery. life is complex.

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