Officially Declared a Security Risk by the US Embassy

Someone working at the US embassy invitied me to a USMC party, they requested I send in my information like civil ID for the usual security clearance.

I do so and recieved the GO a day later.

The day before they tell the person who invited me that I have NO AUTHORIZATION to even enter the US Embassy. My friend told me that they didn't really clarify a reason, he said it could be because am from Uzbekistan (former USSR satelliate) or have a job listing of computer programmer (I might hack their NOC list).

Either way I wasn't overly suprised. I mean really this kinda of shit would probably make me a terrist

It seems really funny, US is so strange and hypocritical when it comes to dealing with my nation, they rented out our airbase North of Afghanistan, used our oppressive special forces to torture captured fighters so they could keep their own hands clean, then later criticized our presidency for being too dictatorial. Our president got pissed with the US State Department telling him if he could or could not oppress his people and kicked them all out.

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