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siftbot: Farhad2000 entered the lounge at November 8th, 2008 9:37pm PST

Farhad2000: I see my sworn enemy is here.

Farhad2000: Your political views and assumptions are intellectually bankrupt legacy0100

legacy0100: whut!

Farhad2000: You know this is the truth.

legacy0100: I see a defeated man here to reconfirm his noted wrongs!

Farhad2000: I see a man trapped in his delusions and illusions unable to face cold hard fact and reality.

Farhad2000: Do not be afraid.

legacy0100: only if your claims were true, perhaps then it may be less pathetic to see you constantly lying to your own self!

Farhad2000: Your views are so fringe they are considered queer and foreign like a boil that was allowed to grow for too long.

Farhad2000: Its time to lance it and end this depravity you call your political and socioeconomic views.

legacy0100: face it child, you are lost. Let your angered soul be guided towards the light. Do not refuse what is already proven to be CORRECT!

Farhad2000: Your machinations fail to chink the glorious armour that is my soul and heart. This only deepens your envy.

legacy0100: a time to know what has been done, and proven! Blinded by your own zeal you cannot see the worried faces surrounding you!

Farhad2000: Alas you must face the truth, that your words are simply the subconscious views of yourself, a mirror being held up for the truth is too hard to process and swallow by your fragile state of mind and possibly wandering sexuality.

legacy0100: Ha! curs like you needn't be reasoned. The only truth you may accept is by constant correction, by force!

Farhad2000: Your petty views are not surprising, given your adoration for Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and others of small mind and heart who can only wave and scream in angry in the face of illuminated truth that shines forth like a beacon in the cesspit that you call your dwelling

legacy0100: it is YOU who are too feeble to size upto my proud manhood, thus always rallying upto mention about my unhindering sexual appetite!

Farhad2000: For small dogs and estranged children of the third world? It is deprave and beneath any man. But you, you wallow in this, your adoration for Asian nations shows this.

legacy0100: the stench of which you smear out from your own dungeon of defecation, piled with brainless optimism in times of stern reality check, sickens me to the very core

Farhad2000: Am surprised you actually have a core to sicken, given your prostitute like allegiance for any flavor of the month political ideologue.

legacy0100: perhaps it is easy to have such unshaken views of the most outrageous claims, for it has detatched itself so far from reality that no one knows what to make of such foolish claims!

legacy0100: a beast entrails covered in its own unholy business still may look more appetizing than to watch your lips move about, spewing away such loathsome ideas and corrupting the very sense of sanity in this world!

Farhad2000: My words just sicken you because they illuminate and deconstruct your petty ideologies piece by piece; you resist too much, protest too much, but know deep inside that I am right. Wetting your bed nightly while weeping into your cheap Ikea purchased pillows.

legacy0100: say now, defender of ridicule, champion of idiocy, you claim blasphemy, you idolize ludicrous. I need not resist such things, I merely avoid them, like I would from a heap of excrement, a diseased harlot, to save myself

Farhad2000: Strange you should protest so much about avoiding diseased harlots given your constant presence in the foulest brothels of the land dipping your insignificant member into a porridge that has been stirred thrice over. You represent a sickness of the mind, a petty man who only dares follow in the shadows of men greater then him, rattling your saber and tongue only by putting forward views of those who came before you.

legacy0100: oh, you poor thing, it is no longer anger i possess in me against your lunacy, it is pity. It is pity I feel compassion for you, for you are truly lost. And I, your hope of redemption and guide, you cannot recognize. My poor child, I feel sorry for you, tisk tisk.

Farhad2000: Your pity is a check your soul cannot cash. You say words that stem from a deep set feeling of envy, for I am a freeman, but a free man is an abomination to you, one whose views sicken you so much you can only but shout and scream in rage, only because such a man is represents your inadequacy, your failure, your insignificance.

legacy0100: and know this that my grand ideas of which you cannot possibly fathom with your unfortunate cranial capacity is of my very own. A man of my own being, perhaps it is you who are walking amongst the generous shadows of which shelters you from the burning rays of sun called Reality

Farhad2000: Your ideas are so ill-informed and simplistic that any grown man would think they were put together by chimps flinging poo and editions of Nietzsche, The Fountain Head and Mein Kampf at one another.

Farhad2000: The sun you call reality is simply your overgrown cancerous ego in which you hide and bask stroking yourself like some teenager who has discovered sexual pleasure for the first time, trapped in your own silly world. A sight that has the populace shaking their heads in apathetic disgust.

legacy0100: such candor can be had from the most dazzling pace of words. You are making mountains made of clouds called fantasies and claim it will last for generations. But did you already forget that inside it is nothing but a dream wrapped in fluffy air?

Farhad2000: Unfounded claims put forward like the last screechings of a man who knows he has been defeated. All your idols and ideas have been brushed aside in all history because of their failure. Yet you proclaim that you represent reality? Reality has done away with your foolish ideas like a grown man who has given up childish things, sweeping them under the carpet trying to forget earlier naivety and foolishness.

legacy0100: A teenager, am I? Then perhaps one would know from experience, that when one is young and clueless, falls in love for the first time, but then the love you experience is different from one you have fathomed inside your young imaginations. Hence you go about labeling it that it is wrong, that you are the only one correct. Such immaturities can only be acceptable when mind is so young.

legacy0100: pity, that your should be acting a bit, older. *chuckles*

Farhad2000: Should you really be talking about emotions and feelings you can only dream to possess? The cheap diseased prostitutes you purchase do not love you, each one would rather ingest poison that would result in a horrific death rather then ever love you, why do you think they drink so much before getting into the vat of shit and decay that you somehow refer to as a bed.

Farhad2000: I need not even talk about your immaturity, given that your record would only speak for itself each comment, each posting another septic tank of rational and intellectual murder.

legacy0100: How the young and confused get away with such murder! They do not understand, thus they deny it, refuse it, hate it, even. And when facing the facts, they insinuate, attack, never do realizing that the very things they describe, is merely the reflection of their own stupidity and confusion.

legacy0100: farhad, I love to go on forever, but i'm starting to get sleepy, and I have to pee

legacy0100: and my toes are getting numb lol

Farhad2000: Backing out are we? Admission of defeat? No wonder you choose to finally characterize yourself in that last deluge of shit one can hardly call comphresenive sentences.

legacy0100: fine fine, you got it this time... but only by technicality!!

Farhad2000: Your ideas slam against the very fabric of reality, like an animal rushing towards a concrete wall endlessly too unable too obtuse and stubborn to realize its own error.

legacy0100: .......... Farhad has smelled blood... He wouldn't stop!!

legacy0100: I must leave, before I am mangled!

legacy0100: Fairwell, for a promise of another fight!

legacy0100: Ciao! GOod night gentlemen

Farhad2000: Run! run you heathen! Away with you!

siftbot: legacy0100 left the lounge at November 8th, 2008 10:35pm PST

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