Weekly Achievements for 31May20 thru 06Jun20

#1 Video

News crew arrested on air in while covering riots by Mordhaus

Suspicious Man Breaks Autozone Windows ... Minneapolis by C-note

Lawyer's Reaction to Carnage at Lafayette Square by jimnms

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting by C-note

Woman paints fence neon colors after neighbor complains... by C-note

Forklift Heroes by C-note

Police fire (paintball?) at residents on their front porch by eric3579

Russian Hamster Mocks Cop by newtboy

How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress?" by newtboy

How to Pirate | CGP Grey by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

German Shepherd suddenly realizes he is at the vet by Mordhaus reached #2
How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors by Mordhaus reached #2
Grandma steps in front of police guns to protect grandson . by C-note reached #2
Norway landslide sweeps homes into sea by eric3579 reached #2
Chris Rock Didn’t Miss Talking About Bad Apples by BSR reached #2
A Deer In Headlights by newtboy reached #2
One Armed Pushup Flip by newtboy reached #2
Trump Has SS Attack Peaceful Protestors For Photo Op by newtboy reached #3
Almost Endless Indoor Exercise by Mordhaus reached #3
The Worst Typo I Ever Made by ant reached #4
Flywheel Projectile by Mordhaus reached #4
The Customer Is Always Right by newtboy reached #4
MMA Fighter shows exactly what happened to George Floyd by Mordhaus reached #4
Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2 by eric3579 reached #4
The Most Important Filmmaker You Haven't Heard Of by eric3579 reached #4
Baldwin on "When a black man attempts to become a man" by eric3579 reached #4
Portal - The Sound Of Science by ant reached #4
When the 101st Airborne Saved Friend and Foe by StukaFox reached #4
Underwater Aircraft Carriers: Japan’s Secret Weapon by BSR reached #4
Hissing Feral Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him by Mordhaus reached #4
Crew Demo 2- SpaceX Launch Live Stream by newtboy reached #4
Michigan sheriff joins George Floyd protest by Mordhaus reached #4
Emmit Till - Dave Chappelle by Mordhaus reached #4
2020 Jeep Wrangler Rolls Over In Small Overlap Crash Tests by Mordhaus reached #5
Houston Police Chief To Trump: Please, Keep Your Mouth Shut by BSR reached #5
Police Targeting The Press Covering George Floyd Protests by newtboy reached #5
That's some dope ass bass playing (super funky) by eric3579 reached #6
Jon St. John (Duke Nukem) Prank Call by BSR reached #6
Voting by Mail: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #6
The Munsters - Herman Munster's Wisdom by BSR reached #6
Mattis Denounces Trump, Cotton Calls for Deploying Troops by simonm reached #8
How Differential Steering Works (1937) by Mordhaus reached #8
Australian Prime Minister asked to "get off the grass" by eric3579 reached #8
Australian Shepherd performs trustfall with owner by Mordhaus reached #8
My Worst Fall Yet | Sky Brown by Mordhaus reached #8
Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands Fire by Mordhaus reached #9
Florsheim - One Of The Most Expensive Restorations by BSR reached #9
Buckingham Palace - Windows Boarded Up - Seal Gone by C-note reached #9
Photojournalist blinded in left eye by police projectile by Mordhaus reached #10
Bill Burr shares his thoughts on protests, Abs, and Hugs by Mordhaus reached #11
Quick D: UFO on the Moon by w1ndex reached #11
How to Pirate: Quartermaster Edition | CGP Grey by eric3579 reached #14
Riding The Film (1937) by Mordhaus reached #15

Top Comments

The worst DevOps mistake I ever made: Assignment:... by StukaFox (5 votes)
I recommend watching the original video (below) over... by eric3579 (4 votes)
Her tears at the end were painful. by SFOGuy (4 votes)
Real time education is the best. Makes for great videos.... by BSR (4 votes)
Like the chief said, no distinction between the actions... by wtfcaniuse (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting by C-note (35 votes)
Lawyer's Reaction to Carnage at Lafayette Square by jimnms (29 votes)
Forklift Heroes by C-note (27 votes)
One Armed Pushup Flip by newtboy (26 votes)
Norway landslide sweeps homes into sea by eric3579 (24 votes)

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