Weekly Achievements for 30Aug20 thru 05Sep20

#1 Video

Driver tries to run over snowman with a tree stump as base by Mordhaus

Narcissists and SOCIAL MEDIA by Mordhaus

Circulating Seal by Mordhaus

Child tangled in kite is lifted high into the air by eric3579

SpaceX | Starship SN6 150m Flight Test by eric3579

Tire Hits House at 65 mph by Mordhaus

White Fir Tree Barberchairs during cutting by Mordhaus

Skilled pilot lands 757 in small Honduras airport by Mordhaus

Hardwood music drums will blow your mind by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Just a taste of his sweet funky tunes and I was transformed by Mordhaus reached #2
Tesla China - Shanghai Gigafactory production line by bobknight33 reached #2
The Chaotic Pendulum by Mordhaus reached #2
Star Trek - First Contact (1996) [no money] by ant reached #2
White supremacist Kenosha County Sheriff david beth by C-note reached #2
The largest number and cDonalds Theorem - Look Around You by Mordhaus reached #2
Woman beats half-naked, 300-pound man with bat by Mordhaus reached #3
Claustrophobia Cave Compilation by nock reached #3
Don't be a sucker by makach reached #3
RNC 2020 & Kenosha: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #4
How One Gameplay Decision Changed Diablo Forever by ant reached #4
American Psycho with Cats (OwlKitty parody) by ant reached #4
Chyna by newtboy reached #4
"Karens" get a metal makeover (with zombie noises) by eric3579 reached #4
Mars Sunsets Are Blue by lucky760 reached #4
Helicopter Nearly Collides With Drone Off Hollywood Coast by Mordhaus reached #4
Stealth vs Action in FPS campaigns - The Final Battle by ant reached #4
How Delta Fixes $32 Million Jet Engines | Big Business by oritteropo reached #5
Mark 38 Machine Gun Hits Small Boat Targets by Mordhaus reached #5
Sky Brown the 12 year old girl and her mega ramp by SFOGuy reached #5
Come get your fucking cheesecake, Ginger by Mordhaus reached #5
Over Sized Load Sends Construction Cones Flying by Mordhaus reached #5
Boats vs Haulover | When to turn around by Mordhaus reached #5
Mil Mi-26 Picks Up Tupolev 134. by Mordhaus reached #5
Transcendental Meditation by simonm reached #6
Rope Hits Boat Engine Sending Driver into Lake by Mordhaus reached #6
Visualisation of a black hole accretion disk by noims reached #6
Adolf and Joseph | Video Killed the Radio Star by eric3579 reached #6
VLDL: Teaching your girlfriend how to play - Guardian by ant reached #7
Ku Klux Klan Member interview-Chris by BSR reached #7
"I don't want to live on this planet anymore." by ant reached #7
Mouse Defiantly Defends Nest From Snake || ViralHog by ant reached #8
José Álvarez takes a 105 mph line drive to the nuts by Mordhaus reached #8
Monkey steals his Magnum by Mordhaus reached #8

Top Comments

W-wait... how the fuck did you find that? Are you some... by StukaFox (7 votes)
It's only a matter of time until there's a major accident.... by nock (6 votes)
Bob, stop watching shit on YT, stop watching TV, stop... by wtfcaniuse (6 votes)
I have to confess. Trump inspired me. Last time I voted... by BSR (6 votes)
Where can I get one for my pond? by newtboy (5 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Narcissists and SOCIAL MEDIA by Mordhaus (25 votes)
Driver tries to run over snowman with a tree stump as base by Mordhaus (24 votes)
Circulating Seal by Mordhaus (23 votes)
Child tangled in kite is lifted high into the air by eric3579 (21 votes)
White Fir Tree Barberchairs during cutting by Mordhaus (20 votes)

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