Weekly Achievements for 28Oct18 thru 03Nov18

#1 Video

Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy by w1ndex

Dog Was SO Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walked by ant

Woman walking in front of news camera. by ant

How Republicans Deflect Blame After a Tragedy by w1ndex

Ferry Vs. Container Crane by eric3579

Honest Government Ad - Visit Timor-Leste! by NaMeCaF

Blue Grass Dog: Dog scratching at glass door... by ant

The ground looks like it's breathing by bjornenlinda

What robbery? by eric3579

Mad Max Meets Surf - Prototype of new type of surf pool by eric3579

Toss me a beer by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Can This Change Everything for DJs by RFlagg reached #2
Steve Schmidt on Trump 'Stoking And Inciting' Worst Among Us by RFlagg reached #2
The majestic "headless chicken monster" by Mordhaus reached #2
Happy Halloween by Mordhaus reached #2
TED Talk: Whitopia by Ashenkase reached #2
Bohemian Rhapsody - Marc Martel (one-take) by oritteropo reached #2
Unlimited Rice Pudding... by w1ndex reached #2
Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier by Nebosuke reached #2
6.8 Earthquake Simulated by Underground Nuclear Explosion! by ant reached #2
Ghostly Grimpoteuthis Octopus Glides By ROV Hercules by oritteropo reached #2
Honest Trailers - Batman: The Animated Series by ChaosEngine reached #3
Collapsing sidewalk swallows two women whole by C-note reached #3
Squirrel Found Stuck Between Fence By Its 'Nuts' by C-note reached #3
We explain "Nordic Socialism" to Trump by Zawash reached #3
This Halloween commercial gave me the chills by b4rringt0n reached #3
Frisky Giraffe by Mordhaus reached #3
Inflight footage of Soyuz Anomaly by Ashenkase reached #3
Who Owns The Statue of Liberty? (New Jersey vs New York) by ChaosEngine reached #3
South Park S22 E5: The Scooters by ant reached #3
Rowan Atkinson Dusts Off An Old Comedy Bit by BSR reached #3
Off-Road Jet Boating by newtboy reached #4
RIP | Cyriak by eric3579 reached #4
Kindergarten Class Signs Happy Birthday To Deaf Custodian by newtboy reached #4
Trump Attacks Media, Allies Blame "Both Sides" for Violence by simonm reached #5
We're All Going to Die | Comedy Short Film by BSR reached #5
The great Pacific cleaning by bjornenlinda reached #5
Was Roman Concrete Better? by oritteropo reached #5
What is Swing? Swing Explained in 2 Minutes by oritteropo reached #5
Trump Says He’s "Being Nice" While Lying About Health Care by simonm reached #6
Cuttlefish: Wearing thoughts on the skin by oritteropo reached #6
The Rabbits of the Berlin Wall. A History. by bareboards2 reached #7
Racist Fearmongering is Trump's Latest Scam: A Closer Look by simonm reached #7
Rare white 'spirit moose' captured on video in north Ontario by nanrod reached #7
Guillermo del Toro - Monsters, Makeup & Movie Magic by ChaosEngine reached #7
MN Police Chase Ends in PIT Maneuver by Mekanikal reached #7
State Attorneys General - Last Week Tonight by w1ndex reached #7
How these penny-pinchers retired in their 30s by C-note reached #8
Raw video: Beer can slams into World Series trophy by ant reached #8
Shockwave Shadows in Ultra Slow Motion (Bullet Schlieren) by oritteropo reached #8
"Lost on you" by LP by ulysses1904 reached #8
Canada's Beating Heart by nanrod reached #8
Lou Dobbs Mispronounced A Mexican City Into Existence by simonm reached #8
On The Nature Of Daylight by BSR reached #8
Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update Final Dentate Placement by oritteropo reached #10
Chinese Bus Crashes Off Bridge by newtboy reached #10
Cute But Vicious Hedgehog Attacks A Deadly Viper by ant reached #11
A chess champion calculates a possible move by eric3579 reached #14

Top Comments

Schmidt explained his points very clearly in the video. ... by SaNdMaN (7 votes)
The first rule of fight port is you don't talk about fight port. ... by newtboy (6 votes)
I'm guessing magicians hate you. by BSR (6 votes)
... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)
Roots just under the cover of the moss, add high speed winds... ... by RFlagg (5 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Blue Grass Dog: Dog scratching at glass door... by ant (37 votes)
Honest Government Ad - Visit Timor-Leste! by NaMeCaF (30 votes)
How Republicans Deflect Blame After a Tragedy by w1ndex (29 votes)
What robbery? by eric3579 (29 votes)
Ferry Vs. Container Crane by eric3579 (29 votes)

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