Weekly Achievements for 27Jan19 thru 02Feb19

#1 Video

Should have thought this through better by Mordhaus

Racing In The 70's Was Just As Awesome As You Think It Was by newtboy

8th Grade Sax Speedrun of Flight Of The Bumblebee by newtboy

We ❤️ The Periodic Table by Fantomas

The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics by w1ndex

Too Much Bread? by Mordhaus

Iced Alligator snoots by BoneRemake

A Man Goes to a Stranger's Bachelor Party by BSR

How The Microphone Changed The Way We Sing by RFlagg

Top 15 Videos

No More Annoying Bug by Mordhaus reached #2
Many will die shortly by SFOGuy reached #2
Tastes like chicken by Mordhaus reached #2
Still Alive - Frank Sinatra Version (The 8-Bit Big Band) by Zawash reached #2
Proton M rocket explosion July 2 2013 slow motion by oritteropo reached #2
The Gambler - Fuck You by Mordhaus reached #2
Let's Talk About UNESCO & Being Your Own Worst Enemy by w1ndex reached #2
I Am Chris Farley: Matt Foley by Mordhaus reached #2
The Truth About Video Games & Violence by w1ndex reached #2
Celebrities Freaking Out Over Meeting Other Celebrities by Mordhaus reached #3
Mancatchers by Mordhaus reached #3
Life - Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size - BBC One by C-note reached #4
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Animated Video) by oritteropo reached #4
Metra sets fires along tracks to combat dangerous cold by Mordhaus reached #4
Giraffe VS Lions by newtboy reached #4
Roger Stone Indicted as Trump Caves on Shutdown by simonm reached #4
The Quote That Illustrates Everything Wrong With Trump by w1ndex reached #4
How Rwanda Built A Drone Delivery Service by Mordhaus reached #4
The Dude drinks beer now by Mordhaus reached #4
Starship Troopers - What's the Difference? by ant reached #4
When Mum and Dad go dancing...on ice by Mordhaus reached #5
Graceful MIT Robot Learns How to Play Jenga by oritteropo reached #5
Fighting Fake Honey In Canada by newtboy reached #5
Heavy Metal Cats by ant reached #5
Fireman Rescues Dog Trapped in Freezing Lake Water by Mordhaus reached #5
Leave Me Alurn - SNL by BSR reached #5
Burn Survivor Uses Scar Camouflage to Heal From Inside Out by oritteropo reached #6
What is a Hydraulic Jump? by oritteropo reached #6
Let's Talk About Those Cops in Houston Getting Shot by w1ndex reached #7
The Band Everyone Thought Was The Beatles by oritteropo reached #7
Tucker Carlson Cold Open - SNL by w1ndex reached #7
The Pinkman Goo Strain - Strain Stories by newtboy reached #7
Howard Schultz and Cliff Sims Stumble in Interviews: A Close by simonm reached #8
LEGO Sean Evans Interviews Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi | Hot Ones by Zawash reached #8
Funk cover of "Wild World" by Scary Pockets by Mordhaus reached #9
Trump Threatens Military Action in Venezuela: A Closer Look by simonm reached #9
Face to Face by Mordhaus reached #9
Tornado Forming in the Clouds Caught on camera by Mordhaus reached #9
It's good to be the King! by C-note reached #10
How They Make Babies Cry In TV And Movies by oritteropo reached #10
Koto w/ Katanas - Beat Saber (no green screen) by RFlagg reached #10
Can Moons Have Moons? by oritteropo reached #10
F-18 Criticisms in the 80's mirror those of the F-35 today by transmorpher reached #11
Bill Burr - Final Solution To Overpopulation by BSR reached #11
Public Shaming by bobknight33 reached #15

Top Comments

All those rabbit bystanders are complete dicks. by draebor (9 votes)
Damn it Bessie... I love you, but not when farmer John's... by newtboy (8 votes)
Never trust an atom, they make up everything. by newtboy (7 votes)
Unfortunately, here in American cops use the Indiana... by w1ndex (7 votes)
The problem with the F35 is the squishy organic component... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

A Man Goes to a Stranger's Bachelor Party by BSR (32 votes)
8th Grade Sax Speedrun of Flight Of The Bumblebee by newtboy (31 votes)
Too Much Bread? by Mordhaus (31 votes)
Still Alive - Frank Sinatra Version (The 8-Bit Big Band) by Zawash (27 votes)
We ❤️ The Periodic Table by Fantomas (26 votes)

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