Weekly Achievements for 27Aug17 thru 02Sep17

#1 Video

Star Trek Tech Support by Ashenkase

Kitty don't need no rescue by PlayhousePals

Why Proving Someone Wrong Often Backfires by oritteropo

Vox: Why America still uses Fahrenheit by ant

Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers by lurgee

Who put those signs there? by Mordhaus

The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers by Buck

BUG PUPPET by Mekanikal

Nurse Arrested For Not Taking Unconscious Victim's Blood by newtboy

Top 15 Videos

A Hawk is seeking refuge in my taxi from Hurricane Harvey by ant reached #2
The Only Handheld Printer You'll Ever Need by Mekanikal reached #2
Apocalypse Now Now by Mordhaus reached #2
Ten Things We Wish We'd Known Before We Went Off Grid by Buck reached #2
Emily Ruins Adam Ruins Everything by newtboy reached #2
Super Troopers 2 Teaser Trailer by Vexus reached #2
Now You Just Happy Always...Maybe? by w1ndex reached #2
Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe - The Information by oritteropo reached #3
Trust and Fire - Thoughts from the Smoke by PlayhousePals reached #3
Bike load into pickup fail. by ant reached #3
Woodturning Big Cherry Burl / Epoxy by Mordhaus reached #3
Humans Try Time Phased Sweets-Rick and Morty by newtboy reached #3
Why Australia should reject Gay Marriage by Fantomas reached #3
When a lion cub won't listen to mum by oritteropo reached #3
Come at me Bro by Mordhaus reached #4
Canada Air Takeoff - Close Call by newtboy reached #4
Aluminum and Mercury by Buck reached #4
Time lapse of flood waters rising in Houston by Ashenkase reached #4
Am I too late? by Mordhaus reached #4
How College Loans Got So Evil by Mordhaus reached #4
Dog Advertising Burger Bar In China by newtboy reached #4
Korean Streamer betrays his new Chinese friends: PUBG by Spacey reached #5
Water slide fails by Mordhaus reached #5
a black man undercover in the alt-right-theo wilson by enoch reached #5
Blade Runner 2036: Nexus Dawn by ChaosEngine reached #5
Blue Harvest - Battle with Thai Fighters by Mordhaus reached #6
How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand by oritteropo reached #6
Man makes his own Iron Man Suit by OverLord reached #6
Honest Trailers - Face/Off by ant reached #6
Berlin is Becoming a Sponge City by oritteropo reached #6
How the deadliest aviation accident in history was avoided by Mordhaus reached #6
How to Stop a Riot | Charlottesville by eric3579 reached #6
Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood by Zawash reached #7
Meet Gary, his stepson is the Antichrist by Mordhaus reached #7
Close encounters of the Canadian kind by Mordhaus reached #7
Hummingbird Pool Party Number Five! by ant reached #8
Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America - Festival by Asmo reached #8
Woman Sings Dirty Song In Portland-Will Work For Food by newtboy reached #8
Europe's Largest Monument Marks Napoleon's Surrender by oritteropo reached #8
Bryan Fischer Says It's Time Ban The Rainbow Flag by lurgee reached #8
Woodturning a Segmented Bowl with 1070 Pieces by Mordhaus reached #8
Epic Demolitions by Mordhaus reached #8
Carrrrrrne Asada by Mordhaus reached #9
Pushy CNN Reporter Can't Take A Hint by newtboy reached #9
Primitive Technology: Blower And Furnace Experiments by Mekanikal reached #9
Gumball The Social Justice Warrior by Mordhaus reached #9
The desolated remains of the Rio Olympic venues by Mordhaus reached #9
The US Government's $983 Freeze-Dried Urine by Fantomas reached #9
Martha & Snoop Reenact The Movie 'Ghost' | Martha & Snoop's by Buck reached #10
Car Repo Gone Wrong by Mordhaus reached #10
When everyone forgives the bad guy by Mordhaus reached #10
Texas Sword Day With The Texas Law Hawk by newtboy reached #11
Dethklok -- The Galaxy by ChaosEngine reached #11
The Floppotron: Eye of the Tiger by oritteropo reached #12
The Handmaids Tale: How To Use Shallow Focus by ChaosEngine reached #12
Myths and Facts About Superintelligent AI by PlayhousePals reached #14
Has GOT Lost Its Edge | Wisecrack (SPOILERS) by eric3579 reached #14
Terminator 2 - How the Nuclear holocaust scene was made ... by ant reached #14
TSA "saw" Bitcoin in my bag and wanted to count it. by Buck reached #14
Jack Burton Asks a Lot of Questons by WKB reached #14

Top Comments

The confederate flag is being removed because it represents... by newtboy (14 votes)
I think it was right on the rails. I live in Houston,... by bremnet (14 votes)
Ok, I'm genuinely starting to think these guys are... by ChaosEngine (12 votes)
The reason this confounds people is that they look... by ChaosEngine (11 votes)
One flag says yes to racism and slavery. The other... by Drachen_Jager (9 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Kitty don't need no rescue by PlayhousePals (57 votes)
Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers by lurgee (43 votes)
Nurse Arrested For Not Taking Unconscious Victim's Blood by newtboy (38 votes)
Why Proving Someone Wrong Often Backfires by oritteropo (38 votes)
The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers by Buck (36 votes)

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