Weekly Achievements for 26Jul20 thru 01Aug20

#1 Video

Elroy Patashnik Addicted To Encouraging White People by eric3579

America Wake Up - George Carlin by w1ndex

Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission by eric3579

Honest Government Ad | A message from the White House by eric3579

Daft Trump by dag

Memories by Mystic95Z

An Important Lesson by BSR

Top 15 Videos

"The chicken goes" by ant reached #2
Why Covid Outlook is Better in States that Voted for Trump by Magicpants reached #2
I am the Captain now by Mordhaus reached #2
Australian Entertainment by Mordhaus reached #2
Farmer Was Sick Of People Parking On His Land by Mordhaus reached #2
Rick And Morty : Season 5 First Look by newtboy reached #2
Starting a new FPS campaign - Incoming by ant reached #2
Garbage can crash by Mordhaus reached #2
Trump Publicly Suggests Postponing The Election by newtboy reached #3
Mismatch of epic proportions by Mordhaus reached #3
Lightning Strikes Transformer in Ontario by Mordhaus reached #3
I saw a dog looking lost. I stopped and it jumped in the car by Mordhaus reached #3
Largest ever 3D map of the universe by lucky760 reached #4
Man saved at last second by SUV as digger speeds towards him by Mordhaus reached #4
What does a computer mouse see? by ant reached #4
How John Woo Intensifies Action by ant reached #4
Hypnotic Moving Sculptures by Kinetic Artist Ivan Black by newtboy reached #4
Showerhead levitates by Mordhaus reached #4
how they use shotguns in movies by Mordhaus reached #4
Red Sprites And Green GhOSTs by newtboy reached #5
Woman kicked off flight for not wearing a mask by Mordhaus reached #5
How to Be Correct About Everything All the Time by eric3579 reached #5
The Car - 1977 by newtboy reached #6
Tadaah by Mordhaus reached #6
Trump and the GOP Are Desperate: A Closer Look by simonm reached #6
Yeah That's The Spot... Right There by ant reached #7
Trump Obsesses Over Cognitive Test, Deploys Secret Police by simonm reached #7
Lovecraft Country - HBO by newtboy reached #7
What If You Became An Ant For 24 Hours? by BSR reached #7
China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #7
Cape Sundews Trap Bugs In A Sticky Situation | Deep Look by ant reached #7
Saudi gas station explosion by Mordhaus reached #8
Freestyle Skateboard 2020 Online Showdown : Isamu Yamamo by Mordhaus reached #9
More relevant now than ever... by moonsammy reached #10
Doberman Butterfly Whisperer by Mordhaus reached #11

Top Comments

How romantic. by BSR (6 votes)
The old guy at the end makes it all worth it. by eric3579 (5 votes)
Now I know how wastebaskets are made. by 00Scud00 (5 votes)
Glad he rescued it...I hope he went back and posted... by SFOGuy (5 votes)
If anyone is curious about why this was taken down,... by Magicpants (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission by eric3579 (34 votes)
Memories by Mystic95Z (24 votes)
Honest Government Ad | A message from the White House by eric3579 (23 votes)
Daft Trump by dag (22 votes)
I am the Captain now by Mordhaus (20 votes)

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