Weekly Achievements for 25Mar18 thru 31Mar18

#1 Video

The Russian Reversal by Mordhaus

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online by ant

Russian Avalanche Destroys Carpark by Mordhaus

Why Bitcoin Is Not Working by Mordhaus

Conservatives and Liberals Can Laugh | Garfunkel and Oates by eric3579

MacAdam Sniper Shield-Shovel (Weird Tech) by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Fans help rally driver after crashing into a ditch by b4rringt0n reached #2
Porter County Jail escape March 26, 2018 by Mekanikal reached #2
6 Billion Likes by Mekanikal reached #2
how an automatic mahjong table works by b4rringt0n reached #2
Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago by Ashenkase reached #2
How do you feel about the cone on your head? by Mordhaus reached #2
Swedish Chef - Rappers Delight Karaoke by Ashenkase reached #2
Rare Angler Fish Mating Caught on Video by lucky760 reached #2
Canada's Most Successful King, Weird Willie by nanrod reached #3
Cheerleader Chases Laptop Thief and Catches Her!! by C-note reached #3
NASA's water deluge test at launch pad 39B by b4rringt0n reached #3
Technical Difficulties by Mordhaus reached #3
Scary Terry by notarobot reached #3
Let's Talk About Facebook by bobknight33 reached #3
Trump Trades Barbs with Biden as Legal Problems Mount by simonm reached #3
Why Humans Are Obsessed with Cats by lurgee reached #3
How the NRA hijacks gun control debates by b4rringt0n reached #3
Ozzy Man Reviews: Thrilling Marble Race by b4rringt0n reached #4
"Come play with us, Danny." by ant reached #4
Axl Rose Confronted Jim Jefferies High on Shrooms by Mordhaus reached #4
Hello Kitty by Mordhaus reached #4
Toddler bowl by PlayhousePals reached #4
The Most Useful Fossils in the World by oritteropo reached #4
Special Skill by C-note reached #5
Is the Dumpling the Perfect Food? by lurgee reached #5
Sesame Street: Cripple Creek by Mordhaus reached #5
The New Politics (Dust) by Payback reached #5
De-Icing 2.0 by Mordhaus reached #6
New Rule: Washington D-List by PlayhousePals reached #6
Westworld - Season 2 Trailer by RFlagg reached #6
My dogs reaction to my Mom playing Call of Duty WWII by Mordhaus reached #6
GUNS: Both Sides Now - Betty Bowers by nanrod reached #7
From bean to plant by Mordhaus reached #7
Marble Machine - Triple Gears Lift by b4rringt0n reached #7
$3 Date Night With Julianna by Mekanikal reached #8
Just a playground in Russia by Mordhaus reached #8
STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Bloopers Gag Reel Outtakes by ant reached #8
Water droplets create amazing human-like animations by b4rringt0n reached #8
Basically how the first Venus fly trap happened by Mordhaus reached #8
Black Mirror — Now Entering the Twilight Zone by ant reached #9
Monologue: Restoring Honor and Dignity | Real Time with Bill by nanrod reached #9
The trump tax cut. It was a disaster when Kansas this. by C-note reached #9
What if Texas Was an Independent Country? by oritteropo reached #9
Gay Frogs by Mordhaus reached #10
Bald Eagles Fight in Slow Motion by MrFisk reached #12
NVidia Real-time Ray Tracing Demonstration (GTC 2018) by Fantomas reached #13
Cat gets scared by sneeze by Mordhaus reached #13
Vice - China’s Hottest Boy Band Is Made Up Of All Girls by RedSky reached #13

Top Comments

In Soviet Russia, snow drift crashes into you.... by newtboy (7 votes)
I'll see your 650k fetuses and raise you 14 dead walking,... by 00Scud00 (7 votes)
It's not a partisan issue, Bob. The "debate" is being... by FlowersInHisHair (6 votes)
No Videosift, no weed makes newtboy something something.No... by newtboy (6 votes)
False. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/david-hogg-on-campus-rumor... by CrushBug (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online by ant (42 votes)
6 Billion Likes by Mekanikal (36 votes)
Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago by Ashenkase (35 votes)
The Russian Reversal by Mordhaus (33 votes)
MacAdam Sniper Shield-Shovel (Weird Tech) by Mordhaus (32 votes)

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