Weekly Achievements for 24Mar19 thru 30Mar19

#1 Video

Damn, I'm tired. by Payback

How Animators Created the Spider-Verse by oritteropo

Ford GT Does 300.4mph In Standing Texas Mile by newtboy

Rebirth : Photorealism in Unreal Engine 4 by newtboy

S U I T by Fantomas

Mexicans Are Stealing The Wall by newtboy

Epic Play Time- Dog VS Otter by newtboy

First Start Up Engine Knock Prank! by BSR

Cruise ship battling dangerous waves by Mordhaus

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time by BSR

Top 15 Videos

Hail From Hell by newtboy reached #2
Young bloke killing it on a pretty rough looking drum kit by oritteropo reached #2
Innovative Way To Load Car into Truck by Mordhaus reached #2
Football commentator is nuts by C-note reached #2
Why Warplane Fuel Tanks Make Great Hot Rods by oritteropo reached #2
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer by ant reached #2
World's clumsiest failed robbery attempt - CO Vape Store by ant reached #2
Armed Robber Gets Locked Inside Houston Store, Begs Employee by ant reached #2
Walking plastic bag by surfingyt reached #3
Police Safety Video From The 80s by ant reached #3
Cliff Dive Face Plant by newtboy reached #3
Snowmobile Sends It Off 150 Foot Drop by newtboy reached #4
Whose Line Is It Anyway? Sound effects buddy cops. by ant reached #4
Dubai Creek Tower: Building the World's Tallest Structure by oritteropo reached #4
The Most Dangerous Dams by oritteropo reached #4
How To Keep Track Of Your Turtle by newtboy reached #4
120 Days In A Cannabis Grow Tent In 2.5 Minutes by newtboy reached #5
Swan cleaning up human waste. by ant reached #5
Lemme Atom by Mordhaus reached #6
Tussle After Motorcycle Crash In Costa Rican Championship by newtboy reached #6
Boston Dynamics mechanical ostrich seems ready to go by SFOGuy reached #6
How Apollo 11 Documentary Got Film Of Upper Stage Ignition by oritteropo reached #6
Accidents At Devil's Tears in Bali by newtboy reached #6
ODDWORLD: Soulstorm Official Reveal Trailer (2020) by newtboy reached #7
Petoi Nybble, The First Product From OpenCat by newtboy reached #8
Super Flu - Selee (Official Line Rider Music Video) by oritteropo reached #9
Smiling Dog Participates in Potato Chip Campaign by newtboy reached #9
Wife Can't Lock a Gate, but Her Husband is the Knobhead by RFlagg reached #10
Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer by admiralronton reached #10
The New Jersey high school that adapted "Alien" into a Play by ant reached #11
When your local news tries to connect with millennials by Mordhaus reached #11
Petting Sharks like Dogs, BBC, Blue Planet by C-note reached #11
Native American Hoop Dancing in Minneapolis by oritteropo reached #13
We're Collectively Using Escalators Wrong by Mordhaus reached #14
Robot learns to toss by admiralronton reached #14

Top Comments

The worlds tallest building is a $1-Billion USD project. ... by TheFreak (5 votes)
That's cold by eric3579 (5 votes)
"My dragon ate my homework"... by Sketch (5 votes)
Please don't let her have children.... by newtboy (4 votes)
I’ve always loved the look Ripley gives the queen... by ChaosEngine (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

S U I T by Fantomas (31 votes)
First Start Up Engine Knock Prank! by BSR (24 votes)
Cruise ship battling dangerous waves by Mordhaus (23 votes)
Rebirth : Photorealism in Unreal Engine 4 by newtboy (23 votes)
TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time by BSR (22 votes)

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