Weekly Achievements for 23Jul17 thru 29Jul17

#1 Video

Adam Ruins Everything - Real Reason Hospitals Are So Costly by Mordhaus

Meg And Chris Take On Entire School by newtboy

Koala Walks Into Woman's House by CaptainObvious

Stranger Things | Season 2 "Thriller" Trailer by eric3579

2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test by bobknight33

Golf shot of the Year by bobknight33

Unbelievable 8 Ball Run Out by Mordhaus

Spicer's Out. Scaramucci's In. Kushner Speaks: A Closer Look by simonm

Opinions on the internet by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

Game of Thrones - Libertarian Edition by lv_hunter reached #2
Adorable Hamster Fail by eric3579 reached #2
Free Metal by Mordhaus reached #2
Ping Pong Sawblade by Mordhaus reached #2
Extraordinary Octopus Takes To Land - The Hunt - BBC Earth by oritteropo reached #2
Working While Black in america. by C-note reached #2
Walmart loss prevention incorrectly accuses shopper of theft by Mordhaus reached #3
Officer Brandishing Weapon On ATV Motorist In North Pole by newtboy reached #3
THOR 3: RAGNAROK Trailer 2 by Mordhaus reached #3
Mischief the Raven says Hi by oritteropo reached #3
Guy acts like a jerk so customer blocks his internet by Mordhaus reached #3
Vox: The bizarre physics of fire ants. by ant reached #4
Ready Player One trailer 2018 by lv_hunter reached #4
The Art of Making a Nixie Tube by bobknight33 reached #4
KINGSMAN 2 - Archer meets Kingsman by Mordhaus reached #4
I Can't Show You How Pink This Pink Is by Mordhaus reached #4
Body Camera Shows Cop Planting Drugs by Mekanikal reached #4
Bright - Official Full Trailer by RFlagg reached #4
Optimistic Nihilism - Kurzgesagt by Mordhaus reached #4
Samantha Bee - When Will Trump Get Impeached? Well... by PlayhousePals reached #5
Beavers: The Smartest Thing in Fur Pants by oritteropo reached #5
Full Frontal, Trump's Spreading Taint by nanrod reached #5
Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look by Gratefulmom reached #5
Fireworks Mishap by Mekanikal reached #5
Trippy Tippy Hippy Van/World’s First Sideways VW Camper by lurgee reached #5
Liberal Redneck - Transgender Patriots and the GOP by PlayhousePals reached #5
Homemade Cat Sushi by PlayhousePals reached #5
Puddles Pity Party, Performs All By Myself .. AGT by bobknight33 reached #5
We're all just silly cats... by w1ndex reached #5
All the ways caffeine affects you by PlayhousePals reached #6
Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek by OverLord reached #6
KINGSMAN 2 Red-Band Trailer 2 (2017) The Golden Circle by ant reached #6
Westworld Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer by OverLord reached #6
Dolphins Beach Themselves To Feed - The Hunt - BBC Earth by rbar reached #6
The Biggest Hydrogen Bomb Dropped Compared To Other Bombs by Mordhaus reached #7
Samantha Bee - Louie Gohmert’s Freestyle History Lesson by PlayhousePals reached #7
Arthur Laffer, Economist to the Rich and Republican by nanrod reached #7
If Junk Food Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads by Mordhaus reached #7
Floaty bird is floating by Zawash reached #8
Full Frontal, The Mooch Will Set Trump Free by nanrod reached #8
Scaramucci Lashes Out, GOP Scrambles on Health Care: A Close by Gratefulmom reached #9
Why foreign retirees are flocking to Mexico by oritteropo reached #9
Family Guy Tribute to Adam West by WKB reached #9
A Homemade Meal . . . From a Vending Machine by oritteropo reached #9
The World’s Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai by oritteropo reached #9
Senate Votes on Health Care, Trump Attacks Sessions: A Close by Gratefulmom reached #10
The micro text to McCain's down vote of the ACA repeal by SFOGuy reached #11
On Condom Failure by PlayhousePals reached #11
The Philosophy of Christopher Nolan by Mordhaus reached #11
Salvia Trip Gone Wrong by Mordhaus reached #11
Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer | Netflix by rbar reached #11
How Game of Thrones Helped Save a Farm in Northern Ireland by oritteropo reached #11
Pinball Wizard/Folsom Prison Blues - Schmoosh Up by PlayhousePals reached #12
Runaway trailer truck being escorted by the police by Mordhaus reached #13
Join the Jaeger Uprising by RFlagg reached #13
Connectome Scanning: Looking at the Brain's Wiring by Mordhaus reached #13
Stephen Introduces His Anthony Scaramucci Impression by nanrod reached #13
Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike! by bobknight33 reached #13
Family of Five Downsize to a Tiny House without a Mortgage by lurgee reached #14
The Unknown Comic - Comic Strip Live 1989 by lurgee reached #14
You Laugh, You Lose: Dormtainment vs. Dormtainment by Mekanikal reached #14
TRANSPARENT Solar Panels by PlayhousePals reached #14
Battle Of Dunkirk Statistics by Mordhaus reached #14
The Invisible Line in the Indian Ocean by oritteropo reached #14
How Much Do You REALLY Know About Autism? by Mordhaus reached #15
SoftPop: a modular musical synthesizer creature by oblio70 reached #15
Why It Sucks to Be a Male Hyena by Mordhaus reached #15
Fire and Ice by Mordhaus reached #15

Top Comments

Well, they're still alive at this point... Because... by bcglorf (10 votes)
Whoa, whoa, whoa -- back the fuck up: was that the... by StukaFox (7 votes)
The human species measures elevation relative to sea... by bamdrew (6 votes)
how fucked up in the head must you be to keep doing that?! ... by mxxcon (6 votes)
I love the poke at Captain Disillusion(made me laugh).... by eric3579 (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Unbelievable 8 Ball Run Out by Mordhaus (42 votes)
Meg And Chris Take On Entire School by newtboy (40 votes)
Opinions on the internet by eric3579 (38 votes)
2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test by bobknight33 (36 votes)
Stranger Things | Season 2 "Thriller" Trailer by eric3579 (36 votes)

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