Weekly Achievements for 21Nov10 thru 27Nov10

#1 Video

200 students admit cheating after professor's online rant by chtierna

Adam Savage - WTF, TSA? by dan00108

Melting a Rock With Sunlight by krazyety

Father loses custody of kids for being agnostic by acidSpine

Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Black Ops by campionidelmondo

Awesome Milk Fluidity Trick by EDD

They see me rollin', they hatin'... by RhesusMonk

Barbara Bush gives her opinion of Sarah Palin by blankfist

Most incredible character creation EVER - EVE Online by Fantomas

Ultimate Wait For it FAIL - WGN Bridge News Crashes/Burns by silvercord

YT: Just awesome talent by Duckman33

Top 15 Videos

"Seriously Get These Things Off Me" by krazyety reached #2
Young Boy strip searched by TSA by chicchorea reached #2
Ron Paul-Enough Is Enough..TSA Legislation November 17, 2010 by chicchorea reached #2
High speed train going through station in slow motion by kymbos reached #2
Dawkins on the Evolution of the Bombardier Beetle by dystopianfuturetoday reached #3
Aluminium cans melted by acid and base chemicals by acidSpine reached #3
The Ad Fox News Doesn't Want You To See by NetRunner reached #3
How Germans Protest Body Scanners by dystopianfuturetoday reached #3
You Cannot Handle the Kitteh Cute! by blankfist reached #3
I hate Eharmony by ponceleon reached #3
Awesome Marble Machine Goes Round the Room by Ti_Moth reached #3
Big breasted girl on The Dating Game likes showing them off! by Hybrid reached #3
Palin: “We've Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies" by krazyety reached #3
Jimmy Carr - Kidding by alien_concept reached #3
Family Guy - It's a Trap (HD Trailer) by Duckman33 reached #4
Kinect GEL Ride by ant reached #4
potato peeler street salesman is a multimillionare by kasinator reached #4
Richard Feynman on the Likelihood of Flying Saucers by gwiz665 reached #4
Fmr. Cigna CEO Apologizes to Michael Moore by NetRunner reached #5
Bombardier Beetle - Master Of Chemical Warfare! by mintbbb reached #5
Beach Rumble by thegrimsleeper reached #5
Orca Surfing by gwiz665 reached #5
Jimmy Carr's Questions From the Audience by alien_concept reached #5
Reggie Watts Rocks Conan by Throbbin reached #5
PBS: God on Trial, the Verdict by gwiz665 reached #6
What Is This? I don't even... by Tymbrwulf reached #6
Dara O Briain on Metal Gear Solid by dan00108 reached #6
Best of Rally by dan00108 reached #6
Alan Grayson - What Republicans Can Do With Their Taxcuts by Tymbrwulf reached #6
George Carlin on Airport Security by MikesHL13 reached #6
Chimps Stage Precision Attack on Enemy by alien_concept reached #6
Unreal Engine 3 - 2010 Engine Overview Trailer by Hybrid reached #7
Mechanical Baby: Baby is a secret robot. by ant reached #7
Rattlesnakes In The Garage by krazyety reached #7
Giant Bomb's Kinect Adventures - Murder Me by Kevlar reached #7
Black Cat Vs. White Cat by geo321 reached #7
Non-Euclidean Level Design in AA by GDGD reached #7
Drunk Girl Stuck in Dryer by silvercord reached #8
Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie by Hybrid reached #8
Rick Mercer mocks TSA airport security by arvana reached #8
Source Code Trailer by RFlagg reached #8
Rat Versus 4 Cats by mintbbb reached #8
Which Apocalypse Would be the Most Fun? by brycewi19 reached #9
Jon Stewart channels Glenn Beck again: Manchurian Lunatic by brycewi19 reached #9
Bubble Ring Bottle Cap Trick by Stonebreaker reached #10
The Simpsons- Din ding ding ding by kasinator reached #10
Man fires .45 with his feet by WKB reached #10
Pixar's pro-gay "It Gets Better" message by Hybrid reached #10
Biden Laughs Over Palin Beating Obama in 2012 by MikesHL13 reached #10
Baby Otter Plays with a Stuffed Walrus by mintbbb reached #10
Why Can't People Walk in a Straight Line When Blindfolded? by Stonebreaker reached #11
I'm Harry Potter - I just play a guy called Daniel Radcliffe by mintbbb reached #11
Sliding Cars in Seattle Ice/Snow on 11/22/10 by Duckman33 reached #11
The Other Guys: Two Bucks For A F*cked Up Duck by radx reached #12
Kelly Brook's Cameltoe Shows by Zifnab reached #12
True Grit - 2nd Trailer by alien_concept reached #12
Cowboys vs Ninjas - The Warrior's Way trailer by Zyrxil reached #13
TSA Breast Milk Screening, Why TSA? WHY? by krazyety reached #13
QI - Poem for a Haggis! by Hybrid reached #13
When comedians start from a false premise. by TheJMan reached #14
TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving: A bird in a bird in a bird in a.. by mintbbb reached #14
TDS: George Soros Plans to Overthrow America by NetRunner reached #14
God Appointed Hitler? by gwiz665 reached #15
Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit by Sarzy reached #15
Babys First Words - Watch to End!!! by maatc reached #15

Top Comments

God damn it, he has to defend himself explaining he... by chtierna (36 votes)
So that's where drunk girls come from...... by Tymbrwulf (26 votes)
In all fairness, the news story doesn't demonstrate... by Psychologic (23 votes)
It's not that she's drunk, the problem is she's stupid.... by FlowersInHisHair (23 votes)
Playing the Mario theme on the pipes is wholly appropriate.... by Crosswords (21 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Barbara Bush gives her opinion of Sarah Palin by blankfist (151 votes)
Adam Savage - WTF, TSA? by dan00108 (140 votes)
Melting a Rock With Sunlight by krazyety (137 votes)
YT: Just awesome talent by Duckman33 (121 votes)
High speed train going through station in slow motion by kymbos (111 votes)

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