Weekly Achievements for 20Sep20 thru 26Sep20

#1 Video

Meet Walter by newtboy

The Declaration and Defunding by moonsammy

Squadron of Canadairs is a formidable firefighting force by eric3579

9/21/20 by Nephelimdream

"While You Were Sleeping" by BSR

Mark Hamill Vs. Patrick Stewart - Tonight i'll be eating.. by eric3579

Blowing FIRE RINGS underwater by pigeon

2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists by BSR

The Largest Star in the Universe – Size Comparison by w1ndex

What's Your Password? by BSR

Russian Gun Store - How to handle a grenade by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Republican by newtboy reached #2
Detroit Dam operator rides out massive Oregon wildfires by Nephelimdream reached #2
Allassonic/Hot Chocolate Effect by BSR reached #2
This Is Why You Should Pay Your Workers by BSR reached #2
Why Trump Wants Covid To Last Forever by newtboy reached #2
Does a greased shaft penetrate deeper? by Mordhaus reached #3
Pedo-Trump by newtboy reached #3
Jehovah's Witness Receives Applause For Shunning Sister by Mordhaus reached #3
He Punched Me First by BSR reached #3
WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+ by ant reached #3
The Tiny Monorails That Once Carried James Bond by oritteropo reached #3
Skeletor is not a feminist by Mordhaus reached #3
Shocked swimmer is attacked by two swans forcing him to hide by Mordhaus reached #3
Nice Morning by simonm reached #3
Trump’s Vast And Ongoing Project To Steal The Election by BSR reached #4
Truck does not fare well on the dyno by eric3579 reached #4
Lars Andersen has trained new Robin Hood star by Mordhaus reached #4
The Mysterious Horned Helmet of Henry VIII by newtboy reached #4
Variably lucky child receives toothpaste surprise party by moonsammy reached #4
50 cal ricochet close and personal by Mordhaus reached #5
Police admit they arrested wrong man, yet he's still in jail by Mordhaus reached #5
VLDL: Terrifying video game AI in PUBG - Terminator by ant reached #5
Mad World-Pentatonix by newtboy reached #5
Thor crashes live TV weather report by Mordhaus reached #6
Side ways down Sesame Street by Mordhaus reached #6
Donald Trump quotes said by Zapp Brannigan by ant reached #6
Officer Singh kills Margarita Brooks during wellness check by C-note reached #7
Trump Says COVID “Affects Virtually Nobody” by simonm reached #7
Trump & GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg's Seat Despite Hypocrisy by simonm reached #8
Drunk History/ Trump Tells Us About Grant by newtboy reached #8
Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transition of Power by simonm reached #8
LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS (SUITS) by C-note reached #9
Dog bites man's foot, man breaks door by Mordhaus reached #9
Squadron of Canadair CL-415 fighting fire in high winds by eric3579 reached #9
Honest Trailers | Every Streaming Service by ant reached #9
Epic Power Wheels Overland Adventure by newtboy reached #9
BYE! by Mordhaus reached #10

Top Comments

Cults are all alike. They all push you to cut ties... by newtboy (13 votes)
Good thing he ducked. by BSR (6 votes)
That is NOT how you talk to the police. by eric3579 (4 votes)
Two water tanks, each holding 3,655 litres (810USgal)... by eric3579 (4 votes)
I wasn't going to watch that movie, but now I have... by admiralronton (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

9/21/20 by Nephelimdream (24 votes)
Russian Gun Store - How to handle a grenade by Mordhaus (24 votes)
Squadron of Canadairs is a formidable firefighting force by eric3579 (23 votes)
2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists by BSR (22 votes)
What's Your Password? by BSR (22 votes)

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