Weekly Achievements for 18Feb18 thru 24Feb18

#1 Video

Impossible Bassline by Mekanikal

Tide Pod Security Robot by Payback

honest racism stand-up by enoch

Baby Elephant doesn't know it is a promo by Mordhaus

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting by PlayhousePals

DIY exhaust system by bjornenlinda

If Commercials were Real Life - Daytona 500/Apple iPad by Mordhaus

How to Read Barcodes by bobknight33

Surveillance Balls Are Rolling Out by newtboy

Top 15 Videos

How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina by Mordhaus reached #2
Toothpick Sculpture - COOLEST THING I'VE EVER MADE: EP4 by newtboy reached #2
Bojack solves gun control by ChaosEngine reached #2
Spiderman's plan to beat Thanatos by Mordhaus reached #2
Testing Robustness by Mordhaus reached #2
John Oliver - Trump vs. The World by PlayhousePals reached #3
Man saws his AR15 in half in support of gun control by b4rringt0n reached #3
Underwater Eco Park-Rio da Prata by newtboy reached #3
16 seconds: The Killing of Anita Kurmann by Buttle reached #3
Comparison of Trump and Obama Responding to School Shootings by newtboy reached #3
Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud? by Mordhaus reached #4
Filmmaking Methods That R Ruining Movies: Methods of Madness by ant reached #4
Giant Wolf?! by newtboy reached #4
Unique application to write ads for Sprite by Mordhaus reached #4
The Smallest Rocket - The SS-520-5 by oritteropo reached #4
Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule: Hollywood's Grey Area by RedSky reached #4
Rock Flows Like River in Terrible Gully, NZ by Mordhaus reached #5
Alive - Beautiful motion time lapse in Canadian wilderness by Zawash reached #5
Solo Sabotage Trailer by ChaosEngine reached #5
Only in the USA by Mordhaus reached #5
Bill Maher - Fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox by PlayhousePals reached #5
How iFixit Became the World's Best iPhone Teardown Team by b4rringt0n reached #5
Sheriff Rips NRA - You’re Not Standing Up For Victims by simonm reached #5
How powerful assault-style rifles lead to devastating wounds by b4rringt0n reached #6
Changing shifts at a French lighthouse in the Iroise Sea by b4rringt0n reached #6
Marvel's Jessica Jones - Season 2 Trailer: Her Way | Netflix by ant reached #6
Girl terrorizes her Dad with a confetti gun by Ashenkase reached #6
DIY dot matrix pencil printer. by ant reached #6
Florida bass fishing can be dangerous by Mordhaus reached #7
Why Echidnas Are Evolutionary Misfits by oritteropo reached #7
Oakwood Road Rage by Mordhaus reached #7
Frozen window by Mordhaus reached #7
Honest Trailers - The Blade Trilogy by ant reached #7
How To Do A Hoverslam - Kerbal Space Program Doesn't Teach by oritteropo reached #8
Vox - It’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting. by RedSky reached #8
Magician ANDY GROSS (SplitMan) rips his assistants head off! by b4rringt0n reached #8
Ragdoll Man by ant reached #9
Tesla semi acceleration by Mordhaus reached #9
the fearless are here! / winter olympics animation by Eklek reached #10
Crisis in the UK by Mordhaus reached #10
One Kick Ass Donald Trump Float In Parade by newtboy reached #11
MasterCard : Priceless by newtboy reached #11
Anthony Jeselnik Loves Deadly Shark Attacks by Mordhaus reached #11
Liberal Redneck: NRA thinks more guns solve everything by C-note reached #11
The Rise And Fall Of Hooters Air by bobknight33 reached #12
Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices by Mordhaus reached #12
Hillbilly Neighbor Is Pissed About New Dog And Trampoline by BSR reached #12
Recovery team colossal fail by Mordhaus reached #13
Anatomy of a Bee - Objectivity #154 by oritteropo reached #14

Top Comments

Obama only got nothing done due to Republican obstructionism,... by newtboy (17 votes)
Thanks for that link -- really good. I do think... by MilkmanDan (10 votes)
One more year on the shelf Siftbot. Man - they pass... by dag (9 votes)
So here’s the thing. I’m willing to bet large amounts... by ChaosEngine (9 votes)
No, it's a thing where people water their windows to... by newtboy (9 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Impossible Bassline by Mekanikal (46 votes)
John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting by PlayhousePals (44 votes)
Baby Elephant doesn't know it is a promo by Mordhaus (38 votes)
DIY exhaust system by bjornenlinda (37 votes)
honest racism stand-up by enoch (35 votes)

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