Weekly Achievements for 17Sep17 thru 23Sep17

#1 Video

South Park sabotaged Alexa and Google Home by Mordhaus

Operation Wheelchair by Buck

Rick & Morty [Season 3] - You Fucked With Squirrels! by Mekanikal

Mexico City Earthquake collapses building by Mordhaus

Just your everyday traffic in Russia by Mordhaus

New tech in China turns desert into land rich with crops by oritteropo

Laotian Dam Failure by eric3579

Relax and Pet Your Dog by Mekanikal

Manufacturing plywood boards: then and now by Mordhaus

Im Mr Meeseeks by lv_hunter

Top 15 Videos

Nerdwriter1: Norm Macdonald Is A Comic Genius by ant reached #2
The Way We Get Power Is About to Change Forever by bobknight33 reached #2
Don't bring a snowball to a water fight by oritteropo reached #2
Speed kills: Mongoose vs. Cobra by Mordhaus reached #2
Classic Example of Karma by nanrod reached #2
New Rule: Liberal States' Rights by PlayhousePals reached #3
Why Harry Dean Stanton Is The Greatest Character Actor by notarobot reached #3
When Someone Requests A Steve Vai Song by bobknight33 reached #3
Eggs Baked in Hash Browns by Mordhaus reached #3
Driving A 5 Ton Truck Through Flooded Streets by newtboy reached #3
Cross a Canyon on Peru’s Last Handwoven Bridge by oritteropo reached #3
Rotary Jails and Accidental Amputations by Mordhaus reached #4
Cute Pup Interrupts Soccer Match, Gives Interview by Mekanikal reached #4
Mime vs balloon by Drachen_Jager reached #4
Making Solar Panels With A Particle Accelerator by newtboy reached #4
Downhill Cart-i-pede by newtboy reached #4
Manafort, Rocket Man, New Health Care Bill: A Closer Look by simonm reached #4
The Lilium Jet – The World's First All-Electric VTOL Jet by newtboy reached #4
Drone Flight of the Year by Mordhaus reached #4
1000W Laser Rust/Paint Cleaning by Mordhaus reached #4
Let me see what you have! by Mordhaus reached #4
The Epic Scam that Created an Iconic Rock Band by RFlagg reached #5
Why You Didn't Want to Fly On The Soviet Concorde-The TU-144 by RFlagg reached #5
Rare White Mother and Baby Giraffes by OverLord reached #5
AUTOMATICA 4k - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford by oritteropo reached #5
Cops Getting Caught On Video Hasn't Led To Convictions by C-note reached #5
Overtime w/ Bill Maher by nanrod reached #5
Art of Police Cover Up - Recorded Hiding Evidence by newtboy reached #5
Netflixs Marvels The Punisher trailer by ChaosEngine reached #6
Harvesting lumber with modern technology by blacklotus90 reached #6
Republicans Can't Defend Health Care Bill: A Closer Look by simonm reached #7
The Disaster Artist (Official Trailer HD) by PlayhousePals reached #7
Getting Sacked At Work by newtboy reached #7
DEAD ANT Official Trailer (2017) by ant reached #8
METALLICA - Nothing Else Matters Acoustic Cover by oritteropo reached #8
T Rex And VELOCIRAPTOR impression by oritteropo reached #8
How To Do A Plot Twist by Mordhaus reached #8
Ooops! by Mekanikal reached #8
ISLE OF DOGS | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight by newtboy reached #8
Rick and Morty: Has Rick Changed? by Mordhaus reached #9
Irish People Watch Alex Jones Infowars by Mordhaus reached #9
The Man Who Saved The World Dies At 77 by newtboy reached #9
Underwater Ironman Jetpack by Mekanikal reached #10
Full Frontal, A Dreamer Is A Wish Your Trump Takes by nanrod reached #10
Devastating 7.1 Earthquake in Mexico City Live Footage Compi by ant reached #10
cat lamp by ant reached #10
A Closer Look - Trump and Democrats Discuss a DACA Deal by PlayhousePals reached #10
TOMB RAIDER - Official Trailer #1 by ant reached #11
Games where only the cutscenes have full voice acting by Mordhaus reached #12
Jennifer Lawrence Got into a Bar Fight in Budapest by Mordhaus reached #12
Bortus Lays An Egg | S1E2 | THE ORVILLE by ant reached #13
Samantha Bee - Is There Any Hope For The Left? by PlayhousePals reached #13
Honest Trailers - Wonder Woman by ant reached #13
Easter Egg & Movie Reference in Kingsman: The Secret Service by ant reached #13
Vox: How American Gothic became an icon. by ant reached #14
Superconducting Quantum Möbius Strip Roller Coaster by oblio70 reached #15
Oyster And Toot-A Bowl Company by newtboy reached #15
Samantha Bee - Freedom(ish) Of Speech by PlayhousePals reached #15
HELVEGEN: Nordic Funeral Song by Mordhaus reached #15
Lars Andersen: Once There Was Archery by Mordhaus reached #15

Top Comments

Please do not try this in the U.S..... by newtboy (7 votes)
Ok....they start with a few mistaken premises. Most... by newtboy (6 votes)
Really? You coulda gone with "Carma". Much punnier.... by nock (6 votes)
god, that looks delicious. by Esoog (6 votes)
Set phasers to cleanse! by CrushBug (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Operation Wheelchair by Buck (49 votes)
Just your everyday traffic in Russia by Mordhaus (40 votes)
Rick & Morty [Season 3] - You Fucked With Squirrels! by Mekanikal (36 votes)
New tech in China turns desert into land rich with crops by oritteropo (34 votes)
Relax and Pet Your Dog by Mekanikal (33 votes)

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