Weekly Achievements for 17May09 thru 23May09

#1 Video

Jesse Ventura body slams Sean Hannity by davidraine

Hand-eye coordination cat catches food by residue

Jesse Ventura Body Slams Elizabeth Hasselbeck by Crosswords

Jimmy Carr - "Ohh, I Love My Job" by alien_concept

Seth Green's Cribs Edition by EDD

Louis C K - Fun with a girl by MikesHL13

Jimmy Carr on Scientology and Christianity by EDD

Top 15 Videos

A Jew, Christian, and Muslim were walking through a desert by theaceofclubz reached #2
Ricky Gervais on Why He Became an Atheist by EDD reached #2
Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Spy by Zyrxil reached #2
Whack A Kitty! by paul4dirt reached #2
Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, calls it Torture by winkler1 reached #2
TED - 10 things you didn't know about orgasm by gwiz665 reached #2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - in 30 Seconds by EDD reached #3
Hamster fights to keep candy - No, a pencil!? - in pouch by mintbbb reached #3
Ryan Reynolds is a F***ing Nobody by EDD reached #3
The True Core Of The Jesus Myth | Christopher Hitchens by Haldaug reached #3
Fresh-baked pizza vending machine! by Ornthoron reached #3
The Hubble floats away from the Space Shuttle Atlantis by Almanildo reached #4
FBI director gets schooled on marijuana legalization by dag reached #4
Obama allows sacking of decorated 18 year fighter pilot by dag reached #4
Steve's Grammatical Observations #6: "I could care less" by calvados reached #4
Whose Line Is It Anyway - Skateboard Bloopers Newsflash by rasch187 reached #5
Cop Slams Innocent Man Head First Into a Wall by Duckman33 reached #5
Starcraft 2 - Terran Marine Go Go Go! by poolcleaner reached #5
Dog protects kitten from another dog by arvana reached #5
The View Bodyslams Beck by longde reached #5
"If You're Watching This, I've Been Assassinated" by gorillaman reached #5
Zero Punctuation - Velvet Assassin by Zifnab reached #5
Countdown 5/15/09 - WTF Texas by littledragon_79 reached #6
Jet engines are great for human-projectiles by EDD reached #6
Jesse Ventura Talks Torture on Fox & Friends 5/19/09 by cdominus reached #6
Chris Rock has a great alternative to Gun Control by rasch187 reached #6
Ricky Gervais rips Old Testament God a new one by EDD reached #6
Fuel tanker explodes at australian petrol station by paul4dirt reached #6
Play yourself off, Keyboard Cat by arvana reached #7
Reno 911 "guess who won the lotto!!!" by rottenseed reached #7
Dog and Granny Get a Little Intimate by EndAll reached #7
Extremely Short Jokes - Jimmy Carr by deputydog reached #7
Jesse Ventura has Fox and Friends for Breakfast by NetRunner reached #8
Huge Phosphorous Explosion by farcrafter reached #8
The 'Life of Brian' Debate (1979) by Haldaug reached #8
US Military Burns Bibles In Afghanistan To End Proselytizing by jiyanibi reached #8
The IT Crowd - Hormones by alien_concept reached #8
Auto-Tune the News 3 (Feat.. Ron Paul) by NetRunner reached #8
Creationist robot falters under rationalist onslaught by Ornthoron reached #8
Cool Anti-gun ad by Crake reached #8
Most Distant Object Spotted in the Universe by Farhad2000 reached #8
Jimmy Carr - Potential Issue With Age Gaps by alien_concept reached #9
Rachel Maddow & The New Republican "Fear" Ad by Gratefulmom reached #9
47 million yr old fossil could shed light on origins of man by noname reached #9
Well, Someone's Gotta Do It.... by deputydog reached #9
Jolene Blalock's Shatner moment by kulpims reached #10
Porsche GT1 - Amazing airborne end-over-end flip by kronosposeidon reached #10
Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" For 05/21/09 by Gratefulmom reached #10
Mormon Man Can't Pray The Gay Away by peggedbea reached #10
Make your friends shit their pants: Horror Hitchhiker Prank by pierrekrahn reached #10
Jimmy Kimmel and Eminem Play Basketball by transporter reached #10
Rare Chance To See and Hear Roland System 700 by lavoll reached #10
TED: Could a Saturn moon harbor life? (3:30) by cybrbeast reached #11
Clapping pull ups by farcrafter reached #11
Dems nominate Jesus for Supreme Court - Republicans Oppose by Throbbin reached #12
Stunt Cat fail by rottenseed reached #12
Ninja Kitteh Does A Fence Jump by ant reached #12
TDS: 5/14/2009 - Obama garden = abortion trees? by youmakekittymad reached #13
Jimmy Carr on The Late Late Show by moodonia reached #13
CNN: Police Beating Caught On Video -5 Cops Fired In Alabama by Gratefulmom reached #13
Cracked LCD Screen Prank by EDD reached #14
Elizabeth Warren Makes Bill Maher Feel Better by HenningKO reached #14
Mitchell and Webb - "Massively To Cum In Her Face, Or..." by alien_concept reached #14
Underground nuclear test explosion by Ornthoron reached #15
Keith Olbermann "Worst Person in The World" - Bill O'Reilly by Gratefulmom reached #15

Top Comments

I like how everyone gets kinda quiet when Jesse suggests... by Crosswords (54 votes)
The guy with the camera is the douche.... by MrFisk (35 votes)
I couldn't understand how he was elected gov. of Minnesota... by zomgg (31 votes)
I love the contrast between Jesse's thoughtful measured... by dirtythirtyix (31 votes)
I think Jesse Ventura might be getting adopted by us... by NetRunner (31 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Jesse Ventura Body Slams Elizabeth Hasselbeck by Crosswords (223 votes)
Louis C K - Fun with a girl by MikesHL13 (155 votes)
Jimmy Carr - "Ohh, I Love My Job" by alien_concept (154 votes)
Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Spy by Zyrxil (147 votes)
Whack A Kitty! by paul4dirt (142 votes)

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