Weekly Achievements for 16Jul17 thru 22Jul17

#1 Video


Texting on your phone...it can wait by eric3579

Team Trump's Absurd Defenses for Don Jr.'s Emails: A Closer by Gratefulmom

Scientist Blows Whistle on Trump Administration by eric3579

Let me see your hips swing by eric3579

Everyone's a music critic by Mordhaus

Wimbledon fan puts on a skirt to face Kim Clijsters serve by eric3579

The LA Speed Check by Ashenkase

Top 15 Videos

Why It's HARD To Land on Mars by PlayhousePals reached #2
How to Fix Traffic Forever by RFlagg reached #2
The Dock by jan reached #2
When Top Gear tried to sabotage Tesla Motors by Spacey reached #2
This kid tried to quit band, teacher had other plans by oritteropo reached #2
Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter - Adam Ruins Everything by Zifnab reached #2
Everytime Despacito Comes On by Spacey reached #2
ANIME FIDGET SPINNERS by Mekanikal reached #2
Hand catching bass by Mordhaus reached #2
Vox: The hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes. by ant reached #2
Storm The Dog Rescues Fawn From Drowning by newtboy reached #3
Rick and Morty Multiverse by eric3579 reached #3
Golf shot of the Year by bobknight33 reached #3
The Disaster Artist - Teaser Trailer by EMPIRE reached #3
When you potentially get to sue Coca-Cola for infringement by Mordhaus reached #3
Baby Driver -- Opening Scene (Amazing car chase) by Sarzy reached #3
Blade Runner 2049 - Trailer 2 by ant reached #4
Take a Scarecrow and make it METAL by Mordhaus reached #4
Blind card mechanic fools Penn & Teller by Spacey reached #4
Breeding the World’s Hottest Pepper by oritteropo reached #4
Guy acts like a jerk so customer blocks his internet by Mordhaus reached #4
Body Camera Shows Cop Planting Drugs by Mekanikal reached #5
Awaken - 4K Trailer: Epic timelapse movie by Zawash reached #5
Born Poor, Stay Poor: The Silent Caste System of America by PlayhousePals reached #5
Coming in HOT! by Mordhaus reached #5
Instant karma Dad by BSR reached #5
Behind The Scenes Of The New Star Wars Movie by eric3579 reached #6
We're all just silly cats... by w1ndex reached #6
Summer is here! by visionep reached #6
Epic Drone FootageMullet Run with Sharks by CaptainObvious reached #6
Marching ants transport a cookie. by ant reached #7
Cyclist runs red light by Mordhaus reached #7
Bright - Official Full Trailer by RFlagg reached #7
Game of Thrones — How to Evoke Emotion by Zifnab reached #7
And the Thirteen Doctor Is... by RFlagg reached #8
If Junk Food Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads by Mordhaus reached #8
Trump Tries to Revive His Failed Health Care Bill: A Closer by Gratefulmom reached #8
Samantha Bee - Louie Gohmert’s Freestyle History Lesson by PlayhousePals reached #8
John Oliver Also Went To Russia, And Won't Hurry To Return by PlayhousePals reached #8
79 year-old Rosemary Smith takes The Ultimate Test Drive by oritteropo reached #9
Fireworks Mishap by Mekanikal reached #9
KINGSMAN 2 Red-Band Trailer 2 (2017) The Golden Circle by ant reached #9
Building a Wooden Kayak by RFlagg reached #9
All the ways caffeine affects you by PlayhousePals reached #9
Cute Phylliidae pretending to be leaves by oritteropo reached #9
Oats Studios - Volume 1 - Zygote by Mordhaus reached #9
Vox: Why the ocean is getting louder. by ant reached #10
Kitty prefers a GLASS of water by PlayhousePals reached #10
Dolphins Beach Themselves To Feed - The Hunt - BBC Earth by rbar reached #10
The Failure of Rainfurrest by Mordhaus reached #10
Zombie Octopus Hates Soy Sauce by ant reached #10
PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN | Official Trailer by ant reached #12
Samantha Bee - Trump’s Voter “Integrity” Commission by PlayhousePals reached #12
Samantha Bee - When Will Trump Get Impeached? Well... by PlayhousePals reached #14
Join the Jaeger Uprising by RFlagg reached #14
Family Guy Tribute to Adam West by WKB reached #15
A great escape of sorts by harriet reached #15

Top Comments

Ok, so I heard a similar story from a SR-71 pilot that... by StukaFox (15 votes)
Thats a great story, and well told. by Esoog (10 votes)
Smart dog. (if you pause around the 28-29 second... by Fantomas (9 votes)
Reminds me of something. *promote... by Mordhaus (9 votes)
I would like to express the deepest, most heartfelt... by artician (8 votes)

Most Votes Cast

The LA Speed Check by Ashenkase (74 votes)
Texting on your phone...it can wait by eric3579 (46 votes)
Let me see your hips swing by eric3579 (36 votes)
Scientist Blows Whistle on Trump Administration by eric3579 (35 votes)
When Top Gear tried to sabotage Tesla Motors by Spacey (32 votes)

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