Weekly Achievements for 13Sep20 thru 19Sep20

#1 Video

Blade Runner: San Francisco by ant

Fellatio by Mordhaus

Professor Brian Harvey On Why Not To Cheat by BSR

Hilarious Day In Life Of A Destroyed Russian Roadblock by Mordhaus

Did you know that dogs bow at each other before playing? by Mordhaus

An medical biller explains why we pay so much for healthcare by Mordhaus

Same Place Tomorrow? by Mordhaus

Canadian Artillery Wake Up by BSR

Mandolorian Season 2 Trailer by Vexus

Top 15 Videos

Confronted for wearing a mask by eric3579 reached #2
TAC 20 years of effectively, somewhat graphic PSAs by eric3579 reached #2
The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020 by ant reached #2
Naval Assault Suit Trials by oblio70 reached #2
Grievous Maximus by oblio70 reached #2
Pomplamoose - One Way Or Another (Blondie cover) by noims reached #2
Playful Kitty Unleashes Fury on Owner's Foot by Mordhaus reached #2
Fathers are not second class parents by Mordhaus reached #3
Blowing FIRE RINGS underwater by pigeon reached #3
Chill out! by eric3579 reached #3
Scientific American Makes First Presidential Endorsement by newtboy reached #3
Folded Man Stands Up Straight After 28 Years by BSR reached #3
Plane Has to De-Board Because Lady Refuses to Wear Mask by Mordhaus reached #3
Doc Rivers by C-note reached #3
"There's something in the smoke..." by ant reached #3
A catchy little tune for modern times by blacklotus90 reached #3
Trump and the GOP Rocked by Bombshell Woodward Tapes by simonm reached #3
Limitless (film) and Americans obsession with work by eric3579 reached #3
Ryan Reynolds makes a mobile ad to meet Rick Moranis by pigeon reached #3
In Soviet Russia, Faucet drinks water by Mordhaus reached #4
Stalin and Hitler singing "Video killed the radio star" by Nephelimdream reached #4
Mongolian Throat Singing Dad & Daughter by blacklotus90 reached #4
How to find out if you are in Texas by Mordhaus reached #4
Detroit Dam operator rides out massive Oregon wildfires by Nephelimdream reached #4
Samuel L. Jackson Bashes Trump Supporters by BSR reached #4
Signs of extraterrestrial life found on Venus (MIT) by Mordhaus reached #5
Doorbell Captures House Struck by Lightning by Mordhaus reached #5
Boosting Stop-Motion to 60 fps using AI by w1ndex reached #5
Pedo-Trump by newtboy reached #5
Star Wars: Squadrons – “Hunted” CG Short by ant reached #5
Three Acrobats Form Formation on Bank of River by Mordhaus reached #6
The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix by my15minutes reached #6
Trump's ABC Town Hall Was Filled with Lies: A Closer Look by simonm reached #6
DC-10 Air Tanker dropping its load by eric3579 reached #6
Trump Holds Indoor Rally as Wildfires and Pandemic Rage by simonm reached #7
Josie Gibson Gets Naked With Naturists | This Morning by C-note reached #8
Robert Smalls Escapes Slavery in a Stolen Confederate Ship by C-note reached #8
Current San Francisco sky with Bladerunner BG music by Mordhaus reached #8
Trump Can't Even Mouth The Pledge Of Allegiance by newtboy reached #8
LEGO Gladiator (feat. Hans Zimmer) by BSR reached #9
Crysis Remastered - Official 8K Tech Trailer by admiralronton reached #10

Top Comments

Taylor Mailloux told Newsflare: "Before we even got... by eric3579 (7 votes)
She has a mask in her hand. by robdot (5 votes)
Sadly that's not the way it is in many areas. In most... by newtboy (5 votes)
Wow! She's really letting her hair down, eh? by BSR (5 votes)
That sucks. by BSR (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Mandolorian Season 2 Trailer by Vexus (30 votes)
Same Place Tomorrow? by Mordhaus (29 votes)
Fellatio by Mordhaus (29 votes)
Canadian Artillery Wake Up by BSR (24 votes)
Chill out! by eric3579 (21 votes)

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