Weekly Achievements for 11Aug19 thru 17Aug19

#1 Video

Thought Diaries “Enjoying Stuff” | adult swim smalls by newtboy

Bulldog-Seacow Love by newtboy

Teleoperation Of RC Car Using Wraparound Screen by newtboy

Ayden loves flags by eric3579

Temper tantrum by Mordhaus

Simone Biles Debuts New Beam Dismount by BSR

Excited Dog Zoomies Out of Sliding Door Repeatedly by Mordhaus

They say you can't outrun the cops... by C-note

Top 15 Videos

You Know It's a Quentin Tarantino Film IF... by Mordhaus reached #2
The Check In: Trump and Trucking by simonm reached #2
Police Shootings Now A Leading Cause Of Death For Young Men by C-note reached #2
Tegrity Farms by newtboy reached #2
We are a totally peaceful racist group' Straight Pride ... by C-note reached #2
Woman puts octopus on face for photo op...octopus bites her by Mordhaus reached #2
Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies w/ Broken Promises by simonm reached #2
Brent Spiner: Patrick Stewart changed how Data is pronounced by oritteropo reached #2
Trump Freaks Out About the Possibility of A Recession by simonm reached #2
Dog Statues by newtboy reached #2
How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day by Mordhaus reached #3
Stephen Colbert on Trump's Reaction to HK Protests by Drachen_Jager reached #3
Well...you did it by Mordhaus reached #4
Diatoms: Tiny Factories You Can See From Space by oritteropo reached #4
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix by ant reached #5
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver by w1ndex reached #5
Never trust a makeshift bridge by Mordhaus reached #6
Mother and Son Witness Tornado Touching Down by Mordhaus reached #6
Kangaroos in the Snow by Buttle reached #7
Man's Best Friend by newtboy reached #9

Top Comments

Beautiful. He came so close to the camera I could feel... by BSR (8 votes)
Bulldog: holy crap, something uglier than I am! ... by Payback (7 votes)
Hmm... This whole video is a metaphor. Male and... by BSR (5 votes)
Butthole! How do I sniff the butthole? by BSR (5 votes)
good dogs by surfingyt (3 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Teleoperation Of RC Car Using Wraparound Screen by newtboy (28 votes)
Simone Biles Debuts New Beam Dismount by BSR (24 votes)
Dog Statues by newtboy (24 votes)
Ayden loves flags by eric3579 (23 votes)
Temper tantrum by Mordhaus (19 votes)

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