Weekly Achievements for 10Feb19 thru 16Feb19

#1 Video

I've No More F***s To Give by Mordhaus

Opportunity: NASA Rover Completes Mars Mission by ant

F16 running an airshow preview by SFOGuy

Delay Pedal will haunt you! by Zaibach

"Why are you running"? by ant

Weezer - Take On Me (Official Video) by Zawash

Latino mom walks in on daughters twerking by Mordhaus

Dave Made a Maze by newtboy

Chris Squire of Yes - Meeting Jimi Hendrix by bobknight33

Top 15 Videos

At least it wasn't a tree by Mordhaus reached #2
A Beautiful Day At Nazare by newtboy reached #2
Corgi Softly Growls for More Attention by Mordhaus reached #2
Django Unchained: How to DESTROY An Ideology by Mordhaus reached #2
When Dad buys Mum 'MILF' flowers for Valentines Day by Mordhaus reached #2
Tammy And The T-Rex by newtboy reached #3
president trump announces a new and better national anthem by enoch reached #3
Icy by Mordhaus reached #3
T-34 Tank Battle Scene by Mordhaus reached #3
So you think you can get away? by Payback reached #3
alanis morisette and james corden update the song "ironic" by enoch reached #3
Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship by oritteropo reached #3
It is horrible by ant reached #3
BREAKING: Dogs Running by ant reached #3
Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism" by simonm reached #3
Mongo knocks out a horse in Blazing Saddles! by ant reached #4
Rapping 1000 Words in 2 Minutes!!! Mac Lethal by newtboy reached #4
Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs by Mordhaus reached #4
How To Make Diamond Ice Cube by C-note reached #5
Parrot Gets Scared of Spiky Light-Up Ball by Mordhaus reached #5
Key & Peele: Competition in the Work Place by ant reached #5
Océano Profundo 2018: Psychedelic Medusa by oritteropo reached #5
God is my health insurance by Mordhaus reached #6
Did Manafort Lie to Mueller to Protect Trump?: A Closer Look by simonm reached #6
How the Talking Heads wrote "Once in a Lifetime" by oritteropo reached #6
Kermit the Frog - Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" by newtboy reached #6
Woman's Hilarious Reaction To Getting A Brazilian Wax by Mordhaus reached #7
Conviction – An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp by RFlagg reached #7
Feel like making love by Mordhaus reached #7
Trump Attacks the 2020 Democrats: A Closer Look by simonm reached #7
Why You Should Care About the Plastic in Your Poop by oritteropo reached #7
Introducing Tesla Dog Mode by newtboy reached #7
5 of the Coolest Partnerships Between Animals and Bacteria by oritteropo reached #8
Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 Qualifiers by ant reached #8
Larry Wilkerson : Trump Is Priming America for War With Iran by lurgee reached #8
Gesture controlled touchscreen calculator watch from 1984 by Mordhaus reached #9
Frozen 2 teaser by CrushBug reached #9
Bobcat Chases Squirrel On Top Of Florida Patio Screen by Mordhaus reached #9
Eating banana in 1 second... by ant reached #10
How TOKiMONSTA Creates Her Totally Unique Sound by oritteropo reached #10
Near 100 Captive Orcas & Belugas at Risk of Freezing Drownin by RFlagg reached #11
SCTV The Battle Of the PBS Stars by ant reached #11

Top Comments

Seems this is the Stranger Things kid (Finn Wolfhard)... by eric3579 (7 votes)
Have you tried cutting back on sugar? by BSR (5 votes)
Did Putin drive one to the premiere? by vil (5 votes)
I sincerely believe any "sound mind and body" adult... by Payback (4 votes)
I could see this song being used during the end credits... by spawnflagger (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Delay Pedal will haunt you! by Zaibach (39 votes)
I've No More F***s To Give by Mordhaus (39 votes)
When Dad buys Mum 'MILF' flowers for Valentines Day by Mordhaus (27 votes)
Weezer - Take On Me (Official Video) by Zawash (25 votes)
Dave Made a Maze by newtboy (25 votes)

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