Weekly Achievements for 09Sep18 thru 15Sep18

#1 Video

Gooey Tetris is oddly satisfying by blacklotus90

Snoring Fox by Mordhaus

Kirk & Scotty after the fight with Klingons by ant

Gridlock by newtboy

Just fishing by Mordhaus

Wait for it by Mordhaus

17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff by eric3579

Don't Get Neil Tyson Started on Water Towers by Mordhaus

"Why come you don't have a tattoo?" by notarobot

Top 15 Videos

"joy in the rain" by ant reached #2
HIT THE BRAKES! by Mordhaus reached #2
Vox: Why we say “OK”. by ant reached #2
Moto2 rider sparks fury after grabbing rival's brake lever by newtboy reached #2
Burning Man 2018 ( in 3 minutes ) by oritteropo reached #3
How to potty train a toddler...Dad Style by Mordhaus reached #3
Trump Attacks Woodward, Demands Op-Ed Investigation by simonm reached #3
Spreading Love and Joy at Sam's Club by Mordhaus reached #3
High quality ice making by C-note reached #3
Camera Angles by Mekanikal reached #3
The Mysterious Isochronous Curve by ulysses1904 reached #3
The Collapsible Crash Test Robot Car by oritteropo reached #3
Spoon Lady by bjornenlinda reached #3
A Wild Canadian Lynx And A Cameraman by Buck reached #4
Capturing Donald Glover's Motion by C-note reached #4
Man Rescues Moose Trapped in a Tree in Small Swedish Town by Buck reached #4
Just Gonna Put This Right Here For Now by BSR reached #4
Who steals a cheese grater? by Mordhaus reached #4
Bears bears bears bears by Mordhaus reached #4
Stoppie by Mordhaus reached #4
Go, you're free...oh. by Mordhaus reached #4
Rare Earth - The Other North Korea by nanrod reached #4
Diablo And The Doobage. by newtboy reached #5
BBC The Bodyguard: the shooting by rbar reached #5
Building Beautiful Monsters in Mexico by oritteropo reached #5
The GOP’s Corrupt Bargain with "Reckless," "Erratic" Trump by simonm reached #6
Dog is my co-pilot by Mordhaus reached #6
I feel inspired to dance by Mordhaus reached #6
D&D The old Guard by C-note reached #6
Take your shoes off by Mordhaus reached #6
Speedflying by Mordhaus reached #6
First Man - Trailer 2 by ant reached #7
John Oliver - Felony Disenfranchisement by PlayhousePals reached #7
How UV Causes Cancer and Aging by nanrod reached #7
Ikea Lamp, Part 2 by newtboy reached #7
$445 AAA Breakthrough Towing SCAM at McDonald's by C-note reached #7
Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update August 31, 2018 by oritteropo reached #7
Security footage of airborne Tesla. by ant reached #8
Newly Released Audio From TSA On 9/11 by BSR reached #8
Moose vs robot lawnmower by Mordhaus reached #8
Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update August 29, 2018 by oritteropo reached #9
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Get Smart by Buttle reached #9
Kazakhstan bringing the hits by eric3579 reached #10
The Day Liberty Died by bobknight33 reached #10
Burt Reynolds as Congressman David Dilbeck by newtboy reached #10
Digger bee gets catfished by Mordhaus reached #13
Rick and Morty - The Anime by Mekanikal reached #13

Top Comments

"Did you see that?!" What answer was he expecting? ... by noims (13 votes)
Saw this when it happened and could not believe my... by C-note (9 votes)
"Romano Fenati has been sacked by his Marinelli Snipers Team" ... by eric3579 (7 votes)
Yeah, imagine asking her the job interview question... by CrushBug (7 votes)
He totally looked like he lost consciousness. by BSR (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff by eric3579 (40 votes)
Just fishing by Mordhaus (32 votes)
"joy in the rain" by ant (29 votes)
Gridlock by newtboy (28 votes)
Gooey Tetris is oddly satisfying by blacklotus90 (28 votes)

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