Weekly Achievements for 09Aug20 thru 15Aug20

#1 Video

To Infinity and Bulldog by Mordhaus

Every near miss has an impact by Mordhaus

Regret by newtboy

Alanis Morissette performs Ablaze, daughter interrupts by Krupo

Chimpanzee does Ninja Warrior obstacle course by Mordhaus

COVID Reopening Phases Explained by Monty Python. by eric3579

Kung fu kitty by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

How to Be a Woke White Person by greatgooglymoogly reached #2
Strobe Rocket by eric3579 reached #2
The perfect message to start your day. by Mordhaus reached #2
What Do You Mean The Bank Is Out Of Money? (The Simpsons) by ant reached #2
The Flying Train (1902) by eric3579 reached #2
AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview by w1ndex reached #2
Beirut Explosion Pressure Wave Slowed Down by eric3579 reached #2
Dust Devil Completely Destroys Fruit Stand by Mordhaus reached #2
The reality behind cybersecurity myths by noims reached #2
When you strike out your childhood friend to win game and.. by eric3579 reached #2
Otter Jumps Onto Boat Escaping Orca With Seconds To Spare by Mordhaus reached #2
Trump Donors: Don't Be Don's Next Con by newtboy reached #3
True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior by w1ndex reached #3
Al Franken Draws USA Freehand by nock reached #3
Narrowest and most epic kayaking in the world by eric3579 reached #3
Sawtooth Mountains Earthquake - Baron Spire Collapse by Mordhaus reached #4
Bad (Michael Jackson) - Bluegrass Edition by Ashenkase reached #4
Trump Signs Sham Exec. Orders, Takes Credit for Obamacare by simonm reached #5
Trump and Fox Struggle to Attack Sen. Kamala Harris by simonm reached #5
Beirut explosion ripping through hospital by eric3579 reached #5
Vote Out Racism by newtboy reached #5
Man charged after violently slapping Burger King employee by Mordhaus reached #5
Jaja ding dong by makach reached #5
VLDL: FPS Revive Logic - Downed by ant reached #5
Beirut explosion rocks bride's photoshoot by Mordhaus reached #6
Ferret Excitedly Chases Balls Thrown Down the Stairs by Mordhaus reached #6
Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 by eric3579 reached #6
Donald Trump Added to Mount Rushmore by makach reached #6
Honest Trailers | Avatar: The Last Airbender by ant reached #6
IT Crowd - Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again? by ant reached #7
Technically the sign did it's job by Mordhaus reached #7
A list of the things I like by bjornenlinda reached #7
Do You Regret All Your Lying? by newtboy reached #7
dance off by Mordhaus reached #7
Large Grizzly Bear Climbs onto Airplane by Mordhaus reached #7
Trump Plans to Sabotage the Post Office Before the Election by simonm reached #8
How to spot an anime protagonist by Mordhaus reached #8
Protesters try to stop truck with motorcycle by Mordhaus reached #8
"TRUMP INTERVIEW" — A Bad Lip Reading by ant reached #8
How Norway's Prisons Are Different From America's by Mordhaus reached #8
Brave Kids | Beirut port explosion | Lebanon explosion by ant reached #8
Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite by ant reached #9
Step Brothers-Singing in the Car by Mordhaus reached #9
Liquid Skies by newtboy reached #10
Closeup Beirut explosion. Dock workers Beirut explosion. by ant reached #11
Volcano Erupts in Karo, Indonesia by newtboy reached #12
Animal Takeover Music Video by maxeenie reached #13

Top Comments

1. You asshole! 2. Where do I get one? by StukaFox (9 votes)
When I was about 13ish living in NJ, my friend and... by BSR (9 votes)
What you didn't see after the video ends is that the... by lucky760 (6 votes)
If I'm ever on life support, unplug me....then plug... by newtboy (6 votes)
Any rocket that sets off car alarms is alright with... by BSR (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Kung fu kitty by Mordhaus (29 votes)
Alanis Morissette performs Ablaze, daughter interrupts by Krupo (27 votes)
Chimpanzee does Ninja Warrior obstacle course by Mordhaus (25 votes)
Regret by newtboy (24 votes)
COVID Reopening Phases Explained by Monty Python. by eric3579 (24 votes)

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