Weekly Achievements for 07Jan18 thru 13Jan18

#1 Video

The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can't Visit by oritteropo

Trump Is Becoming More Erratic, Working Less: A Closer Look by simonm

Vermilion Parish teacher arrested for asking about raises by Mordhaus

Engineer Mark Rober exposes cheating arcade machine by oritteropo

Youtube in a nutshell by Mordhaus

Oprah For America! Really? by ChaosEngine

Ninja Cat Scares Brother Into A Pool by Buck

Medieval Tune on Hurdy-Gurdy by Mordhaus

Ever See a CT Scanner at Full Speed? by b4rringt0n

Brazilian Police demonstrate how to get out of tight park by oritteropo

Top 15 Videos

Leapfrog-With Cars? by newtboy reached #2
George Carlin on why the reason education sucks. by ant reached #2
Keanu Reeves Tactical 3 gun shooting by Mordhaus reached #2
Secret The Dog Takes Herself Sledding by newtboy reached #2
Being on a Cruise Ship During Bomb Cyclone by shagen454 reached #2
Childbirth described with a balloon and ping pong ball by noims reached #2
Be Deutsch! anti nationalist Rammstein spoof by NOX reached #2
A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks: Halitrephes Jelly by oritteropo reached #2
Aliens: The Ride - Planet Coaster Dark Ride by RFlagg reached #2
Imperial March played on pencil and paper by Mordhaus reached #2
Sand Master - why you want the right tool for the job by oritteropo reached #2
NHRA, Fire, Wheels, Fast, by bobknight33 reached #3
Johnny Carson as Reagan, a "Who's On First" spoof by ant reached #3
Seth Meyers Opens 2018 Golden Globes by bareboards2 reached #3
Genifer the sweet spider by Mordhaus reached #3
World's smallest cat - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One by oritteropo reached #4
Republican lawmaker say black people cant handle marijuana by C-note reached #4
How to do College 101 by Mordhaus reached #5
Box Wars-Battle of the Boxes by newtboy reached #6
"Funniest sneezing dog ever!!! ...". by ant reached #6
Mexican Police Robbing Phone Store by newtboy reached #6
Just what you don't want to see behind you by oritteropo reached #6
"Better Late Than ..." by ant reached #6
Turnpike Bridge Snow Plow by Mekanikal reached #7
Gateway to Sedona DEBUNK by ant reached #7
"TRUMP ANTHEM" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump by lurgee reached #7
Bruce Lee - Jedi by WKB reached #7
Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature? by oritteropo reached #7
13-Year-Old piano prodigy composes a sonata on the spot by blacklotus90 reached #8
L.A.’s Best Indian Food Is in This Gas Station by oritteropo reached #8
Donald Trump Is a Stable Genius by lurgee reached #8
Steph Curry and Brita will change your life by SFOGuy reached #8
Vox: Iran's massive protests, explained in 4 minutes by ant reached #9
Here's how Trump's nuclear "button" actually works by Mordhaus reached #9
Armadillo Cargo Bike With Hydrogen Fuel Cell, 300 km range by newtboy reached #9
Intel's drone light show off 250 drones flying in Las Vegas. by ant reached #9
The Last Palestinian Kaffiyeh Maker by oritteropo reached #9
Netflix's “Godzilla: Monster Planet” Trailer by ant reached #10
DONNY THE DRONE by geo321 reached #10
Trump Attacks Feinstein, Makes Racist Immigration Comment by simonm reached #11
Just One Of Those Days by newtboy reached #11
Vox: The new US tax law, explained with cereal by ant reached #12
Randy Rainbow brings it to DT and Kim with BUTTON HUMOR by bareboards2 reached #12
It's Not Porn by newtboy reached #12
World's Biggest Carnivorous Plant? by Mordhaus reached #12
Fahrenheit 451 (2018) | Teaser Trailer | HBO by ant reached #13

Top Comments

You know it's bad when the police want to be clear... by Mordhaus (8 votes)
Great stuff. Cantina theme also available: ... by noims (7 votes)
Also it keeps tweeting about being, like, the best... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)
Great. No one better tell "Fox and Friends". We don't... by slickhead (6 votes)
What is it about the word "basically"? I always considered... by ulysses1904 (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Ever See a CT Scanner at Full Speed? by b4rringt0n (34 votes)
Youtube in a nutshell by Mordhaus (32 votes)
The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can't Visit by oritteropo (31 votes)
Medieval Tune on Hurdy-Gurdy by Mordhaus (30 votes)
Ninja Cat Scares Brother Into A Pool by Buck (29 votes)

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