Weekly Achievements for 07Feb21 thru 13Feb21

#1 Video

Latest Flight Testing! by Mordhaus

Kermit just lookin' to get cancelled by eric3579

Squirrel jumps on UPS delivery man by Mordhaus

Beware Owls by Mordhaus

I am not Cat by winkler1

Developers vs Quality Assurance by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Elephant Takes off and Hides Woman's Hat .. by C-note reached #2
Midwest Siri by Mordhaus reached #2
University in Norway responds to Will Ferrell by Mordhaus reached #2
Louis opens new Macbook Air, immediately loses mind. by CaptainObvious reached #2
The Ugly Truth Behind the Will Ferrell G.M. Commercial by Mordhaus reached #2
Hotwheels Driftpad helix by Mordhaus reached #2
Wife outsmarts husband by Mordhaus reached #2
30 Second Band Audition by newtboy reached #3
The flight that almost killed me by Mordhaus reached #3
Why is the command center of a ship called a "BRIDGE"? by bobknight33 reached #3
Weekend Update: Biden’s Stimulus Plan - SNL by BSR reached #3
House Votes to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees by simonm reached #3
We Still Don’t Know How Bicycles Work by CaptainObvious reached #3
I Was "The Ugly" Korean. by blacklotus90 reached #3
Massive alligator gets a back scrub by C-note reached #4
Impeachment Managers Make Case Against Trump to Open Trial by simonm reached #4
Car Cuts Off Semi Truck by Mordhaus reached #4
Dog gets angry at his own hiccups by Mordhaus reached #4
"Wow, that actually worked." --Reddit by ant reached #4
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Shovel Snow by C-note reached #5
Spell Names in JRPGs by moonsammy reached #5
Glacier in India breaks sending massive avalanche/ flood by eric3579 reached #5
MeeeeeeOW by Mordhaus reached #5
Lawyer Reacts to Smartmatic's $2.7 Billion Dollar Suit by C-note reached #6
Pickup Truck Flies Off Overpass by newtboy reached #6
Realistic Face Mask Prank by newtboy reached #6
Gender Reveal Sparked 47,000 Acre Wildfire cost $8 Million.. by C-note reached #6
Axolotl Bark by newtboy reached #7
Rubix Cube Solve - Japan Animation Style by C-note reached #7
The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem by Mordhaus reached #7
"NFL 2021" — A Bad Lip Reading by ant reached #7
Trumps Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look by simonm reached #8
True Facts: The Incredible Tardigrade by w1ndex reached #8

Top Comments

I gotta squirrel story. So when I lived in Mountain... by StukaFox (9 votes)
Damn Squirrel. Probably voted for Trump. by BSR (8 votes)
It's a sad thing that many Americans' first introduction... by StukaFox (7 votes)
For software/hardware designs of any substantial size,... by spawnflagger (6 votes)
Oh yeah! Well if they spent 54% of their annual... by TheFreak (5 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Beware Owls by Mordhaus (29 votes)
I am not Cat by winkler1 (28 votes)
Midwest Siri by Mordhaus (25 votes)
Hotwheels Driftpad helix by Mordhaus (25 votes)
University in Norway responds to Will Ferrell by Mordhaus (24 votes)

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