Weekly Achievements for 06Sep20 thru 12Sep20

#1 Video

Korean Highschool Kids by C-note

CSGO Cheaters trolled by fake cheat software 2 by eric3579

Girlfriend buys boyfriend shorts that fall apart in water by eric3579

Official Trailer for Dune 2020 by Lann

Train vs bridge by Mordhaus

Outsmarted by eric3579

The Price of Keeping Our Heads Down by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

How One Gameplay Decision Changed Diablo Forever by ant reached #2
Lamb Truck by ant reached #2
Un-American by Mystic95Z reached #2
Poor Doggo Nuked by w1ndex reached #2
Leaping Lizard by Mordhaus reached #2
Blade Runner: San Francisco by ant reached #2
Claustrophobia Cave Compilation by nock reached #2
An medical biller explains why we pay so much for healthcare by Mordhaus reached #2
Don't use a green laser in the cold! by blacklotus90 reached #3
Dads With Lightning Fast Reflexes Compilation by BSR reached #3
Pigeon Eating Catfish by Buttle reached #3
SUPERSONIC BASEBALL Cannon by bobknight33 reached #3
"Roy's Food Repair" sketch with John Candy by ulysses1904 reached #3
Trump: "I Would Love To Be Black Because..." w Stephen Fry by Mordhaus reached #3
The Superman's Return - Michael Guerra is back... Cyclist by C-note reached #4
Fallen Heros by newtboy reached #4
Ryan Reynolds makes a mobile ad to meet Rick Moranis by pigeon reached #4
The Designoid Dimension - mindblowing 3D fractal animation by FlowersInHisHair reached #4
Pilots test giant 'mech' exoskeleton at B.C. training ground by Mordhaus reached #4
Skokomish River salmon cross the road by Mordhaus reached #5
Trump and the GOP Rocked by Bombshell Woodward Tapes by simonm reached #5
Limitless (film) and Americans obsession with work by eric3579 reached #5
Tesla Autopilot Avoids Collision on Highway by Mordhaus reached #5
VLDL: Teaching your girlfriend how to play - Guardian by ant reached #5
Wanna beer? by Mordhaus reached #5
Zatochi by newtboy reached #6
Fox News Confirms Trump Called Vets "Suckers" and "Losers" by BSR reached #6
A fox who became attached to a human after being rescued by Mordhaus reached #6
VLDL: Finally standing up to your boss - Coffee Showdown by ant reached #7
The Idiots Are Taking Over by eric3579 reached #7
Redemption Song by Buttle reached #7
Trump Lashes Out Over Report He Insulted Fallen Soldiers by simonm reached #7
Professor Brian Harvey On Why Not To Cheat by BSR reached #8
Trump Boat Parade Copies Trump And Sinks Itself by newtboy reached #8
Honest Trailers | The Boys by ant reached #8
Current San Francisco sky with Bladerunner BG music by Mordhaus reached #9
Finland Jesus by Mordhaus reached #9
Stalin and Hitler singing "Video killed the radio star" by Nephelimdream reached #10
Radicalize by Mystic95Z reached #11
Josie Gibson Gets Naked With Naturists | This Morning by C-note reached #11
Did you know that dogs bow at each other before playing? by Mordhaus reached #11
Horse playing piano Murphy at it again by ant reached #12

Top Comments

If it was only Chauvin, I agree, the problem would... by timtoner (6 votes)
Thanks, CaptainObvious. by lucky760 (6 votes)
Awesome, I can start selling my dissolving bikinis... by newtboy (6 votes)
That culture raised their kids well. by CaptainObvious (6 votes)
Thanks for confirming every word said is correct. by newtboy (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Outsmarted by eric3579 (38 votes)
Korean Highschool Kids by C-note (28 votes)
The Price of Keeping Our Heads Down by Mordhaus (28 votes)
Girlfriend buys boyfriend shorts that fall apart in water by eric3579 (25 votes)
Official Trailer for Dune 2020 by Lann (25 votes)

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