Weekly Achievements for 06Aug17 thru 12Aug17

#1 Video

Very cool cat high fives and fist bumps a man by oritteropo

Mountain of Hell Downhill Race by eric3579

Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder by Mekanikal

Pop singing before AutoTune by SFOGuy

John Oliver - Trump Shit-Talks America by PlayhousePals

Elephant vs Persistent Goose by oritteropo

Frisbee Dog Fail by PlayhousePals

My daddy has a GOLD tooth. by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

Jacked Squared: Work out with your cock out. by eric3579 reached #2
Wow girl by bjornenlinda reached #2
The moment you realize the robots will have your job by eric3579 reached #2
New Rule: What If Obama Said It? by PlayhousePals reached #2
Helicopter Rescue Accident by Spacey reached #2
John Oliver - Border Patrol by PlayhousePals reached #2
Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts by Gratefulmom reached #2
R.E.M. - Losing my religion (The story behind the song) by oritteropo reached #2
How did the Space Telescope Mirror End Up Flawed by oritteropo reached #2
Whoa, We Did Not Realize Helicopters Could Do This by oritteropo reached #3
Game of Thrones: The Loot Train Attack (HBO) by ant reached #3
guardians of the galaxy inferno music video at last by harriet reached #3
Scuba diver 30 year friendship with a fish by aegisarts reached #3
Forrest Gump Beatboxing Scene by PlayhousePals reached #3
Man arrested for using $2 bills at Best Buy by oritteropo reached #3
Mars Curiosity: 5 Year Timelapse by Lumm reached #3
Hiker Followed By Bears by Gratefulmom reached #3
Lions are fast by PlayhousePals reached #3
Mitchell and Webb Write the Bible by RFlagg reached #3
Stephen Does A 'Hot Ones' Interview by PlayhousePals reached #3
WW2 has ended? Oh, Grandma by PlayhousePals reached #4
Spelling Thank You for the first time by Spacey reached #4
Terrible signage/road design by PlayhousePals reached #4
How the Fine Art Market is a Scam by Mordhaus reached #4
Rhino Rules The Road by eric3579 reached #4
Berlin street artist group cleverly undo swastika graffiti by oritteropo reached #4
Portable Micro Hydro Generator-Blue Freedom by newtboy reached #5
Google built Street View car to map out gigantic model city by oritteropo reached #5
Croatian airforce pilot puts his Pilatus to the test by kulpims reached #5
Trump's Twitter War of Words with North Korea: A Closer Look by Gratefulmom reached #5
Ring a random Swede by PlayhousePals reached #6
Trump in Crisis - Grand Jury, Leaked Phone Calls, Low Poll by Gratefulmom reached #6
Mahks Chevy Valet commercial by spawnflagger reached #6
What Key & Peele Teach Us About Comedy – Wisecrack Edition by oritteropo reached #6
Instinctive archery trick shot- double swinging bottles by Nephelimdream reached #7
Engineer Guy - Bottom Up 3D Printer by Fantomas reached #7
Car Wreck? by newtboy reached #7
In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film by ant reached #7
Chicken Sandwich by Mordhaus reached #8
The Geneva Mechanism by Mordhaus reached #8
No Parent Should Have to Have "The Talk." by bareboards2 reached #8
Trump's Terrifying Judicial Appointments - Full Frontal by nanrod reached #9
Ladies Who Book: Steve Bannon | Full Frontal Act 1 by nanrod reached #9
BBC worker spotted watching inappropriate video by Nephelimdream reached #9
Trump Doubles Down on North Korea Threats: A Closer Look by Nephelimdream reached #9
How size matters...when it comes to life by PlayhousePals reached #10
Why Bullets are Good for the Environment by PlayhousePals reached #10
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: Trump is Clueless on North Korea by lurgee reached #10
How To Save Money At Your Wedding by Mekanikal reached #10
Trump Begged Mexico's President To Lie by nanrod reached #10
Kid trying out Alexa by PlayhousePals reached #10
Tiny island in New York City that nobody is allowed to visit by Mordhaus reached #11
HATEIOHEAD - TWEET by lurgee reached #11
How to Build a Human by ChaosEngine reached #11
Futurama Clip -- Season 4 Ep 3 (2/5/2008): Space Invaders by ant reached #11
The 7th Guest: Official Trailer by ant reached #12
Here's why most planes are white by Mordhaus reached #12
Awkward phone calls being overheard by Spacey reached #12
No Dog Has Ever Wanted To Leave The Park Less Than This Dog by nanrod reached #14
Vladimir Putin Publicly Breaks Up With Trump by PlayhousePals reached #15
Mr. Plinkett's Ghostbusters (2016) Review by ant reached #15

Top Comments

Things scurvy is worse than: I. Death II. When you... by noims (7 votes)
OMG, the people that just turn around and leave. Like,... by littledragon_79 (7 votes)
I'm kinda conflicted on this. Yes, P&G are a massive... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)
So we kill some of those poor people to save them and... by vil (6 votes)
welcome to the epic battle of the narcissists! where... by enoch (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder by Mekanikal (38 votes)
Frisbee Dog Fail by PlayhousePals (37 votes)
Elephant vs Persistent Goose by oritteropo (37 votes)
The moment you realize the robots will have your job by eric3579 (35 votes)
John Oliver - Trump Shit-Talks America by PlayhousePals (32 votes)

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