Weekly Achievements for 05Nov17 thru 11Nov17

#1 Video

3D Zoetrope of Fish eating Fish by oritteropo

Cannabis commercial mocks prescription drug commercials by eric3579

Bored kids imagination of skiing becomes real by Mordhaus

So Meta by Mordhaus

Typical audience reaction to a bass solo... by Mordhaus

Buds. The water loving cat by Mordhaus

Tim Minchin | Nine life lessons by Mordhaus

The Game that is pissing off the Alt Right by shagen454

Top 15 Videos

Which Way Is Down? by Mordhaus reached #2
Clogged drain by Mordhaus reached #2
Homemade Marble Tracks built to educate students on Physics by Mordhaus reached #2
For years this show has been calling out Kevin Spacey by Mordhaus reached #2
Fear No Weevil: Taking on the World’s Worst Weed by oritteropo reached #2
Simpson's Paradox by oritteropo reached #2
Sharks Attack Submarine - Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes by oritteropo reached #2
How a high quality chef knife is made with Anthony Bourdain by Farhad2000 reached #3
Here's What It's Like To Drive A Formula 1 Car! by oritteropo reached #3
Bu-cake-ke by newtboy reached #3
The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure by Mordhaus reached #3
Family Guy - Frosty The SnowMan by ant reached #4
Moodles - Animation of bodies made of noodles collapsing by oritteropo reached #4
The New Zealand Five Cent Coin by oritteropo reached #4
Slap Fight by Mordhaus reached #4
THE SUMMONING by eric3579 reached #4
Jon Stewart Gives Conan NYC Citizenship Test by Nephelimdream reached #4
Adam Savage won't work with Jamie Hyneman anymore. by ant reached #4
Recruiting Tomorrow's Satanists...Today! by Mordhaus reached #4
ABC News: Purity Balls: Lifting the Veil on Special Ceremony by Buck reached #4
Curb your misunderstanding by Mordhaus reached #4
Pleasant NYC Driver by BSR reached #4
I will murder you by Mordhaus reached #5
Bert Kreischer - Russian Mafia (The Machine Story) by Mordhaus reached #5
The Little Plane War by oritteropo reached #5
Gotta go fast! by Mordhaus reached #5
Rick and Morty-Remix by newtboy reached #5
John Oliver - Economic Development by PlayhousePals reached #6
Robbie Williams great stories on Graham Norton by Mordhaus reached #6
Irish Flight Delayed by nanrod reached #6
The Story of Salvation Mountain by oritteropo reached #6
Sit by Mordhaus reached #7
Koenigsegg World Record Speed Run by newtboy reached #7
Paul Manafort's House Cold Open - SNL by ant reached #7
Songs With My Daughter - "Africa" by Toto by nanrod reached #8
The First 6 Missions | Season 1 | THE ORVILLE by ant reached #9
15 ft white shark in 3 ft of water by Mordhaus reached #9
VFXcool: Back to the Future Trilogy (1/2) by Fantomas reached #9
Can we cure aging? by w1ndex reached #9
Impossible photography | Erik Johansson by ant reached #10
Understanding Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Album by eric3579 reached #10
Eight ways to stop dangerous cars by Spacey reached #10
Everyone's a c*nt...sometimes by Mordhaus reached #11
Sweets Or Not Sweets? 2017 by ant reached #11
An animated miniatures from My Neighbor Tottoro in Japan... by ant reached #11
When Did Time Travel Come From? by PlayhousePals reached #11
Civil Defense Film For Kids In Case Of Atomic Attack by BSR reached #12
CarMax's answer to the guy's ad for his fiancé's used Honda by SFOGuy reached #12
Oh My Gourd-Halloween Stop Motion Pumpkin Carving Experiment by ant reached #12
Vox: The world is poorly designed. But copying nature helps. by ant reached #12
Follow Your Wildest Dreams BAKAW by shagen454 reached #13
Dance has no boundaries / South African&Ghanian dancing by Eklek reached #13
ZTE Axon M has 2 screens by newtboy reached #14
VFXcool: Back to the Future Trilogy (2/2) by Fantomas reached #14
Talking Fast With a Record-Setting Speed Talker by ant reached #14

Top Comments

I prefer victimless crimes. I just masturbate in... by bobknight33 (7 votes)
I'm mildly uncomfortable that the younger girl was... by Mordhaus (7 votes)
See, life's just not fair. This kinda stuff never happens... by JustSaying (7 votes)
Flip-phones making a comeback? by notarobot (6 votes)
"It's just a live-stream, I'm not recording a video" ... by artician (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Cannabis commercial mocks prescription drug commercials by eric3579 (54 votes)
3D Zoetrope of Fish eating Fish by oritteropo (43 votes)
The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure by Mordhaus (36 votes)
Clogged drain by Mordhaus (36 votes)
So Meta by Mordhaus (35 votes)

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