Weekly Achievements for 04Oct20 thru 10Oct20

#1 Video

Amazing Floating Tensegrity Chair by oritteropo

Female cruise captain takes down sexist troll in viral video by C-note

Buttigieg Shuts Down Loaded Fox Question by newtboy

Instant Karma While Jaywalking by Mordhaus

Joe Biden On Masks: ‘Not About Being A Tough Guy,’ by dedstick

Trump Tells Supporters 'You'll Never See Me Again' by newtboy

Totally Under Control by newtboy

Let's talk about making the debate more fair for Trump by dedstick

Top 15 Videos

Trump Leaves Hospital, Says "Don't Be Afraid of COVID" by dedstick reached #2
Presidential Debate "Will you shut up man.." by ant reached #2
Van Halen - Jump (Official Music Video) by ant reached #2
Patrick Stewart on meeting Sting on Dune by Mordhaus reached #2
Maximum Jackman by simonm reached #2
When A 70s/80s Song Comes On by Mordhaus reached #2
Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #2
Alaskagate IS REAL! Or is it? by Mordhaus reached #2
Katie Porter lambasts big pharma over cancer drug price hike by C-note reached #2
First Debate Cold Open - SNL (10/3/2020) by ant reached #2
Feeding the Fish While it's Flooded! by C-note reached #3
Cartman Declares Going to School a Violation of His Freedom by ant reached #3
Michelle Obama Says "Thanks Obama" To Her Husband by BSR reached #3
Worlds Worst Sheepdog by C-note reached #3
Trump Sends Stocks Tumbling With Hostage-Style Threat by dedstick reached #3
"Yep!" by ant reached #3
Let's talk about Trump going to the hospital.... by dedstick reached #4
The best part of the VP debate by moonsammy reached #4
When someone plays Sweet Caroline in a Boston Subway by Mordhaus reached #4
Motorcyclist makes a nice catch on the freeway by Mordhaus reached #4
Let's talk about Trump and adapting to a mystery.... by w1ndex reached #4
Mini Dachshund Rounds up Mob of Sheep by Mordhaus reached #4
Refuelling A Tesla by newtboy reached #5
Trump and Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19 by BSR reached #5
Deported F**king Vets - Klepper by my15minutes reached #5
Let's talk about Trump wagging the dog.... by dedstick reached #5
IF DONALD GOT FIRED - Randy Rainbow Parody by BSR reached #5
Richard Cheese "Baby Stay The F*¢k Away From Me" by newtboy reached #5
Decency by blacklotus90 reached #5
Ticked Off Vic: Mitch the Bitch by dedstick reached #6
Frog Knees by newtboy reached #6
Bicycle Ballet at the University of Hohenheim by oritteropo reached #6
Let's talk about Trump's decisions and feedback loops... by w1ndex reached #6
Trump Has Meltdown as White House Covers Up COVID outbreak by simonm reached #7
Billie Eilish - No Time To Die by ant reached #7
Dig Your Own Grave by BSR reached #7
This Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube-Man dances quite well by eric3579 reached #8
The Commercial that Killed a Fast Food Chain by Mordhaus reached #8
The World's First CVVD Engine - Genius! by Mordhaus reached #8
‘Ghostbusters’ Star Rick Moranis Randomly Attacked by Mordhaus reached #8
Once In A Lifetime performed by GMan by w1ndex reached #9
Family Motto | Dodge by ant reached #10

Top Comments

Nice catch, now slam dunk it back through the prius... by newtboy (4 votes)
How about, he was asked to go put gas in it by someone,... by eric3579 (4 votes)
Lol. So sad Bobby. 12000 total died vs >210000... by newtboy (4 votes)
hi! what'd you do today? me? oh, nothing. made... by my15minutes (3 votes)
Vote! by C-note (3 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Female cruise captain takes down sexist troll in viral video by C-note (30 votes)
Trump Tells Supporters 'You'll Never See Me Again' by newtboy (25 votes)
Buttigieg Shuts Down Loaded Fox Question by newtboy (24 votes)
When A 70s/80s Song Comes On by Mordhaus (21 votes)
Maximum Jackman by simonm (21 votes)

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