Weekly Achievements for 03Sep17 thru 09Sep17

#1 Video

Why Australia should reject Gay Marriage by Fantomas

Watercooler Jam by Spacey

Superheroes look ridiculous without special effects by Spacey

Hey! by Mekanikal

EAT THE ICE CREAM by newtboy

Virtual Reality Slide by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

People are Awesome vs FailArmy by Mordhaus reached #2
Nice pipes by PlayhousePals reached #2
"That's your wife?" by ant reached #2
Aquadam-Mobile Dam Used To Save Home In Texas by newtboy reached #2
The Sound of Australia by Mordhaus reached #2
Airplane! Don't Eat the Fish! by ant reached #2
Harley Quinn vs. Nightwing by notarobot reached #2
Phil Mickelson takes golf advice from young fan by Spacey reached #2
He-Man and Skeletor | Dirty Dancing Dance Tribute by eric3579 reached #2
Weatherman Breaks Wind by Mordhaus reached #2
The Handmaids Tale: How To Use Shallow Focus by ChaosEngine reached #2
Microburst destroys 5 trees by Mordhaus reached #3
Standup Comedy/ Magic Opening Bit by Spacey reached #3
Lightning strikes nearby tree by Mordhaus reached #3
A Closer Look: Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey by PlayhousePals reached #3
Religious Icons Having Lamb For Dinner by Mekanikal reached #3
Diving bell spiders - spinning web underwater by Mordhaus reached #3
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Global Warming by oritteropo reached #3
How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand by oritteropo reached #4
Catwalks this way by PlayhousePals reached #4
There is no stopping the Mueller train by PlayhousePals reached #4
Where did you go? by Mordhaus reached #4
Texas Woman slips out of cuffs, steals Police Tahoe by Mordhaus reached #4
How they tow cars in Alabama by Mordhaus reached #4
Close encounters of the Canadian kind by Mordhaus reached #4
Why more pop songs should end with a fade out by oritteropo reached #4
Ultimate Millennium Falcon - Largest LEGO set ever by Zawash reached #4
Meet Gary, his stepson is the Antichrist by Mordhaus reached #5
Newton's First Law by Mordhaus reached #5
Understanding Comfortably Numb by BSR reached #5
Houston Cop To Rescuers-"We've Had Enough" by newtboy reached #6
What would happen if you never showered? by Mordhaus reached #6
Europe's Largest Monument Marks Napoleon's Surrender by oritteropo reached #6
Lego GTA by ChaosEngine reached #7
Pump your brakes kid by Mordhaus reached #7
Stephen Colbert on Trump's North Dakota Speech by Drachen_Jager reached #7
Martha & Snoop Reenact The Movie 'Ghost' | Martha & Snoop's by Buck reached #8
Be careful what you stick in there by Mordhaus reached #8
King Joffrey was obviously misunderstood by Spacey reached #8
Carrrrrrne Asada by Mordhaus reached #8
Rick And Morty Gatorade Commercial by newtboy reached #8
Michelle Obama Dresses as Beyonce, Trump's Bodyguard Resigns by PlayhousePals reached #9
BBC Introduces "Digital Blackface" by Mordhaus reached #9
Girl - Epic NPC Man - VLDL (World of Warcraft be like) by ant reached #9
Massive Landslide On National Highway in India by Mordhaus reached #9
Near Miss by Mordhaus reached #9
Night of the Living Dead - Horrors of Copyright by ant reached #9
A human centipede race against the bull by Mordhaus reached #10
Trump Waffles on DACA, Responds to Hurricane Irma by Gratefulmom reached #10
Can Dieter punch a bear trap and get his hand out in time? by noims reached #10
Derry tries to catch a bat in Ireland by Ashenkase reached #11
Honest Trailers - Kong: Skull Island by Zifnab reached #11
Smarter Every Day - DNA Testing and Privacy by PlayhousePals reached #12
Phil Mickelson hilariously cuts off Tiger Woods' tee intro. by ant reached #13
Footprints Across Asia in 1 Year - A Jumpshot Hyperlapse by oritteropo reached #13
Clark Kent has been working out by Mordhaus reached #13
Real Time 4K Footage, Moon Crossing Sun During 2017 Eclipse by BSR reached #14
Hurricane Irma on Anguilla by Mekanikal reached #15
New Rule: Fee F**king by PlayhousePals reached #15

Top Comments

I watched this one the other day. It has video of the... by eric3579 (13 votes)
No Cthulhu? (I thought that was the Skipper from... by Fantomas (9 votes)
Other lessons possibly don't accelerate into an intersection... by ChaosEngine (9 votes)
One of many Best Movie Ever(s). by BSR (8 votes)
Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up videosift!... by ChaosEngine (8 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Hey! by Mekanikal (50 votes)
Virtual Reality Slide by Mordhaus (49 votes)
Superheroes look ridiculous without special effects by Spacey (42 votes)
"That's your wife?" by ant (41 votes)
EAT THE ICE CREAM by newtboy (37 votes)

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