Weekly Achievements for 03Feb19 thru 09Feb19

#1 Video

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game" by BSR

Ryan Reynolds & Huge Jackman Agree To A Truce by eric3579

Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese by Mordhaus

One potential consequence of women in disguise by eric3579

News for the Hard of Hearing by ant

The deadliest accident in motorsport history by bobknight33

Boiled Dirty Water under the Microscope by oritteropo

Many will die shortly by SFOGuy

DISTORTION by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Psychic by Mordhaus reached #2
Ram Jam – Black Betty | The story behind the song by lurgee reached #2
Destroy Everything! Metal Cats Video - Hatebreed by newtboy reached #2
The sky is not the limit by Mordhaus reached #2
Ellen Page calls out Mike Pence by ChaosEngine reached #2
Graceful MIT Robot Learns How to Play Jenga by oritteropo reached #2
Sofía rocks - insane rock run over the ocean's floor by oritteropo reached #2
Surfer Dan Surfing Lake Superior by newtboy reached #2
6-Year-Old Explains How Her Entire Life Has Been Put On FB by BSR reached #2
Celebrities Freaking Out Over Meeting Other Celebrities by Mordhaus reached #2
Honey Badger Rescues Her Baby from Leopard by C-note reached #2
Lets Play Genocide Bingo With Super Intelligent AI | exurb1a by eric3579 reached #2
The Elevator | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai by newtboy reached #3
Slowing Down A Stock Exchange With 38 Miles Of Cable by Mordhaus reached #3
Face to Face by Mordhaus reached #3
What We Do In The Shadows Trailer by OverLord reached #4
Here Be Dragons: Secrets of One of the Earliest Globes by newtboy reached #4
alanis morisette and james corden update the song "ironic" by enoch reached #4
Bill Burr - Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem by bobknight33 reached #4
Let's Talk About Domestic Violence... by w1ndex reached #4
What is a Hydraulic Jump? by oritteropo reached #4
The Story Of Wojtek, The Soldier Bear by newtboy reached #4
Groundhog Day — An Inescapable Premise by ant reached #4
The Ewoks kill Chewbacca by mistake by ant reached #4
Josh Gad Impersonates Jenifer Lewis by Mordhaus reached #4
president trump announces a new and better national anthem by enoch reached #5
Trump's 2019 State of the Union: A Closer Look by w1ndex reached #5
Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it! by Mordhaus reached #5
Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism" by simonm reached #6
The Band Everyone Thought Was The Beatles by oritteropo reached #6
The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use by RFlagg reached #6
Why Everyone is Going to Iceland Lately by oritteropo reached #6
Ocean Water Freezes as it Hits the Shore by Mordhaus reached #6
Tammy And The T-Rex by newtboy reached #7
What is Reggaeton? Reggaeton Explained in 2 Minutes by oritteropo reached #7
F*ckstrut by w1ndex reached #7
Ping by Mordhaus reached #7
Mongo knocks out a horse in Blazing Saddles! by ant reached #8
Steve Buscemi's Face Transferred To Jennifer Lawrence's Body by BSR reached #8
It is horrible by ant reached #9
You can do it! by Mordhaus reached #9
Nasty Accident on Australian Dragstrip by newtboy reached #9
Océano Profundo 2018: Psychedelic Medusa by oritteropo reached #10
A 15-Year-Old Opera Veteran Reviving a Disappearing Art by oritteropo reached #10
If Women Had "Hubby-Vision" by C-note reached #10
How the Talking Heads wrote "Once in a Lifetime" by oritteropo reached #10
Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship by oritteropo reached #12
How TOKiMONSTA Creates Her Totally Unique Sound by oritteropo reached #12
Steamed Pig Bun has a horrible secret by Mordhaus reached #15

Top Comments

It never seemed smart that a military rifle would loudly... by newtboy (10 votes)
That's odd, I make an entirely different sound when... by ulysses1904 (6 votes)
while I am absolutely delighted to watch both the democratic... by enoch (5 votes)
First opening doors, then parkour, and now Jenga? Can... by Bruti79 (5 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Boiled Dirty Water under the Microscope by oritteropo (35 votes)
DISTORTION by Mordhaus (33 votes)
One potential consequence of women in disguise by eric3579 (31 votes)
Ryan Reynolds & Huge Jackman Agree To A Truce by eric3579 (28 votes)
Josh Gad Impersonates Jenifer Lewis by Mordhaus (24 votes)

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