Weekly Achievements for 02Sep18 thru 08Sep18

#1 Video

Seal and Moth by StukaFox

Burt Reynolds on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson by BSR

Justin Roiland's VO Tips by Mekanikal

Finals: World Championships Death Diving 2018 by newtboy

Ripley is not a fan of your drum samples. by Fantomas

Nailed it! by Mordhaus

That's So Raven by Mordhaus

A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night by Mordhaus

An Important New Zealand PSA by eric3579

Train To Atlantis (in 360 degree video) by newtboy

Dude reacts to Hearing Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time by ravioli

Top 15 Videos

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion by Mekanikal reached #2
Chris Porter - FuckTards by lurgee reached #2
Obama Notes McCain's Last Laugh In Eulogy Request by BSR reached #2
John Lewis & Partners - Bohemian Rhapsody by bjornenlinda reached #2
"Why come you don't have a tattoo?" by notarobot reached #2
Mr Bubbs by newtboy reached #3
Cheetahs Chase Balls Flung by Cheetahpult by oritteropo reached #3
Lion jumps into open vehicle full of tourists on safari tour by bobknight33 reached #3
Track rebuild: Toronto Transit Commission finishes work fast by Krupo reached #3
Open World Games by Mordhaus reached #4
Gangnam Style Beat Saber by ant reached #4
Rep. Drowns Out Protester With Auction Chant At Hearing by newtboy reached #4
Woman's Running Commentary On A Forest Roller Coaster by newtboy reached #4
High quality ice making by C-note reached #4
This improbable membrane can... by C-note reached #4
Hold my Blunt by Mordhaus reached #4
How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem by C-note reached #4
When Juggling Knives Goes Wrong! by BSR reached #5
KFC served me RAW chicken! Unacceptable! by Mordhaus reached #5
Billy Jean pigeon by bjornenlinda reached #5
McKenna Denson Testimony in Joseph Bishop Mormon Church by C-note reached #5
Polishing a propeller on an oil tanker by b4rringt0n reached #6
Everybody Dance Now - Deepfakes for Dancing by blacklotus90 reached #6
Marriage in Decline by lurgee reached #6
British Army performs Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' in honour by C-note reached #7
Typhoon Jebi hits Osaka, Japan 9.4.18 by Mekanikal reached #7
Camera Angles by Mekanikal reached #7
The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Zero by Mordhaus reached #7
Go, you're free...oh. by Mordhaus reached #7
Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship Experiment Proves a Point by C-note reached #7
This Cyclist Took Back the Bike Lane on the Brooklyn Bridge by Mordhaus reached #8
How I use Minecraft to help kids with autism | Stuart Duncan by lurgee reached #8
Where Did Viruses Come From? by Mordhaus reached #8
The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania by nanrod reached #8
The Lantern by C-note reached #9
Who's A Good Boy by newtboy reached #9
The Bridge Tongues by RFlagg reached #9
Fast Travel - Epic NPC Man (the truth exposed) | VLDL by ant reached #9
From Galleries to Storage and Back: Islamic Carpet Rotations by oritteropo reached #9
Why Rocket Exhausts Look The Way They Do by oritteropo reached #10
Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update August 29, 2018 by oritteropo reached #10
Diablo And The Doobage. by newtboy reached #11
Don't Get Neil Tyson Started on Water Towers by Mordhaus reached #11
Long live the King by Mordhaus reached #11
How UV Causes Cancer and Aging by nanrod reached #12
How Much Fuel Needed to Idle or Turn OFF / ON by bobknight33 reached #12
PS90 Barrel shoot by Mordhaus reached #12
Burt Reynolds as Congressman David Dilbeck by newtboy reached #12
The Day Liberty Died by bobknight33 reached #13
The GOP’s Corrupt Bargain with "Reckless," "Erratic" Trump by simonm reached #13
HOW TO BE POPULAR ON THE INTERNET S1E3 Don't Want Viral by rbar reached #15

Top Comments

Sprinkle a little flour roll in panko and toss them... by C-note (11 votes)
Wow. I... that is fucked up. Who leaves a bbq unattended? ... by ChaosEngine (9 votes)
The lion has obviously been raised in captivity. Even... by Fantomas (9 votes)
*quality Burt Reynolds was the man that taught me... by ChaosEngine (7 votes)
A good rule of thumb I've lived by since I was a child... by lucky760 (7 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Nailed it! by Mordhaus (46 votes)
An Important New Zealand PSA by eric3579 (41 votes)
Ripley is not a fan of your drum samples. by Fantomas (38 votes)
Obama Notes McCain's Last Laugh In Eulogy Request by BSR (32 votes)
A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night by Mordhaus (32 votes)

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