Audi Infrared (Blog Post)

Hey folks, 

just thought I´d share a clip I coordinated the post production for recently.

It was a job for Audi, and we collaborated with Arri cameras in Munich and used their one of a kind modified infrared Alexa camera for the shoot.

The filters that usually block infrared wavelenghts were removed, and then a filter attached that only lets the wavelengths from the infrared spectrum hit the cameras sensor. 

The results are quite spectacular. Plants glow in bright white (due to the chlorophyll emitting infrared wavelengths), the car looks white (it is actually bright red) and the lights appear off, even though they were turned on.

Here is the result: 


World exclusive: Audi A3 Cabriolet - Infrared! from M4 Automotive on Vimeo.


Feel free to sift it, Finders Keepers!  

Cheers, maatc 

Timelabskaus (Blog Post)

Hello fellow sifters,

here is a short timelapse clip I shot of a day with my family. Shot on a GoPro HD Hero2, edited with Final Cut Pro X. For some of the pan shots I used a standard egg timer with a flat adhesive mount  attached to the top. Some others are standard digital Ken Burns style pans. Feel free to sift it if you like.

Beat Baby! (Blog Post)

Our little one getting a serious beat going with his toys on the living room table:

Happy New Year everyone! (Blog Post)

Hope all of you out there in Siftland and beyond have a great rest of 2008 and an even better 2009!

To celebrate I made a crazy little clip with my laptop cam and the mirror effect. Enjoy!

The Takeover (Blog Post)

Hey folks,

Starting today, YouTube Germany has given me the opportunity to take over their frontpage as a guest editor for a few days and I have put up a clip, along with a few recommendations.

Free Image Hosting at

Click on the image to check it out!

Here is the playlist with my recommended clips
(some in german, some work without language, feel free to sift them!)


Fröhliche Weihnachten and Merry X-Mas!


702B - Impressive Stop Motion shot on a Nikon D60 (Blog Post)

This was shot by a colleague of mine and another colleague supplied the music. I did not want to submit it to avoid self linking, so I am posting it here. The clip consists of thousands of amazing long exposure stillframes of a little monitor wandering through berlin at night. Very worth to check out the original in HD over at vimeo. Enjoy!

702B from framerausch on Vimeo.

Mixtape (Blog Post)

Hey boys and girls,

just stumbled across the site and made a mixtape for you all to enjoy.

I collected a whole bunch of songs of one artist vs. the other which should make for an interesting listening experience. Enjoy! 


Rock and Rolltreppe (Blog Post)

Admit it! You too thought of trying to spin on an escalator handrail after seeing
this clip.
Well same here, so I did it today after discovering the perfect escalator over at the Gesundbrunnencenter in Berlin.
Here is the result:

Sleeve Faces (Blog Post)

Not a new idea, but I just recently found out that there is a whole site dedicated to the art of Sleeve Faces (and other body parts...)

Check them out here: 

So of course I had to do one too:!
maatc does Sleevface










(Sorry for the grainy quality, I used my Photobooth Laptop Camera)

I also posted a "How To" Video here

Would be awesome to see what some of you guys come up with. Please post your shots so we can make fun of your record collection! (If you have a small head, use a CD)


SORRY... (Blog Post)

Today marked an historic day in Australian history.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered a fomal apology in front of the Parliament, saying "sorry" for the hurt caused by decades of state-sponsored treatment of indigenous Australians.

This was especially important for the "Stolen Generation", children of mixed descent from indigenous families who where forcibly removed from their parents to be put into orphanages and internment camps between 1869 and 1969.

The word "sorry" has not been used in this context by the Prime Ministers in the past out of fear for compensation claims that may arise from such an admittance of guilt.

Today Kevin Rudd finally did what should have been done years ago.

(would be great if someone would sift it, I don´t have a slot free at the moment) 
[Edit: Thylan did, Thanks!] 

SMH Multimedia site with Images and audio parts of the speech

Full transcript of Kevin Rudds speech here


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