Interesting interview of a Palestinian convert to Christianity. (Blog Post)

Linked below is a interview by the left Israeli publication, Haaretz, of Masab Yousef, son of the West Bank Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef.  He speaks of his childhood, Hamas, and his eventual, recent conversion to Christianity.

I'm not going to comment on it.  It is an interesting read and a peak into a man who has had a unique life.

1,026,000,000,000,000 Calculations per Second Could Save the Planet (Blog Post)


In the ever advancing world of supercomputing, a long-sought milestone has been reached by the American military at Los Alamos National Laboratory with the help of IBM and an assortment of chip-designing companies.  The computer, "Roadrunner," is capable of 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second--a petaflop and change.  The machine utilyzes 116,640 cores ... more inside ... 

Confession Time (Blog Post)

So since I've been here for a year now I feel it is time to make a confession.  I'm not actually a virologist.  Actually I'm not a scientist at all though I like to think of my job as "a science."  In actuallity, I am a member of the Internet Influence Institute (3I for short), a political strategy think tank working at the pleasure of President George W. Bush.  Our particular think tank is charged with developing new methods for influencing public opinion through the use of popular internet sites and forums of varying types.  Seeing as how most people on this site who are likely to read this are in our opinion highly firm in their thought, I feel it is now safe to divulge this information about myself.  Ironically, Rougy nearly blew my cover almost a year ago, but his "government agent" accusation fell more on Mycroft than myself, so I was at least mostly covered until now. BTW, if Mycroft is in fact a government employee, I can at least say that he is not working with us at the institute.  There is one other prominant member of the Videosift community who is a member of 3I, but we've decided we'd rather not share who it is in particular for the time being.  I'm not sure what will become of our Institute if Barrak Obama or  Hillary Clinton wins the upcoming election, but I suspect we will continue to opperate under our oil endowment funds until a Republican can be elected, and I'm certain I won't lose my job if John McCane winds up in the whitehouse.  Anyhow, confession complete.  Now you know.  Any guesses who our other employee on the sift is will not be confirmed or denied until we decide to leave the sift and start work on another site.  Until then, I'll stick around for the fun of it.

 Yours truely,


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