Woman pulls porcupine quills from raven's face

LiveLeak description:

"A wild raven perched himself on our fence and squawked for over an hour. I went to see what was up with him and saw that he had four porcupine quills stuck in him, three in the side of his face and one in his wing.

This video shows my Mom taking out the ones in his face. Very bizarre he let us get that close and even more bizzare he let my Mom pull the quills out. He hung around for the day and was gone the next."


Top ll comment, from Setanta, "It's amazing that it had enough sense to get help from a human but not enough sense to stay away from a porcupine."

Original seems to be http://youtu.be/hlwxLtFQcrY so I've switched the embed.

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Woman pulls porcupine quills from raven's face

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