siftbot says...

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iL0VmyDr says...

first film I've ever walked out of...

It's surprising that other people think so highly of the film, but I didn't walk out of 'The Phantom Menace...'


rougy says...

That's a great movie. It's pretty heavy, though. Something you have to pay attention to.

I thought I had seen Caveh someplace before....

I think my favorite scenes were the ones about how progress has a telescoping nature, how the girl he bumped into in the subway stopped to chat, and the guy who told the protagonist to keep switching the lights on and off to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

It's a great film for shrooms.

johnald128 says...

i assume by 'holy' they mean the feeling of a spiritual-like experience. even though what's experienced doesn't technically have to exist - homo sapiens have evolved with such 'feelings'.

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