Skyrim - Unarmed Badass Viking Guide

Definitely NSFW but awesome and funny as hell.

Promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Monday, December 12th, 2011 8:57am PST - promote requested by Hive13.


I've always thought this is how the Antichrist would show up, if he existed. Beating down all the pussies with his fists, and no one can stop him. No blades, no lightning bolts. Just badass viking everyone like a boss.


Oh damn that's the EXACT build I was going to do! And now I want it even more, it's just as fun as I imagined it to be!


"Kill the fucking Wall-Ross! Who the fuck wants to be a Wall-Ross? So kill him, end his misery..

No one wants to be a Wall-Ross."

I Loled aLOT more than that merited.


>> ^ctrlaltbleach:

This guys Skyrim in the end must be a lonely place. Because hes beaten the whole population to death!

Sounds like the start to a chuck norris joke. Too bad there are no round-house kicks in the game.


pretty amazing how one game can spawn so ways of doing interesting, strange and brutal things. My favorite is still the cheese wheel one.


Ya I actually thought that was a little tasteless myself but if you just ignore those idiotic comments the rest of it is rather funny.

I do however find it strange that some comedians can get away with it sometimes but some guy cracking jokes in a game video gets raped for saying anything.

Sorry I just couldn't resist the pun there. =-)

((How do you do the stupid smiley's here I can't find that in the FAQS?))

>> ^chinese_rocknroll:

Thanks for putting the rape crap in the first few seconds so I know to skip the rest. That stuff just ain't cool.


Hey why was this bumped off the top 15 just curious, still new to the sift here, does it have to do with how many days it's been since it was posted or something?

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