Sidewalk parking? Almost lethal

Why park in a parking spot when you can use the sidewalk and try to run down shoppers!

I'm guessing it was probably a senior citizen who hit the gas instead of the brake by accident. Thankfully they had enough reflexes to turn the car and not go straight into the store.


Uhmm, all cars crumple like that these days, its actually a very good thing as it helps absorb some of the force before fully transfering it to the cabin. I'm more impressed with the skinny support pole standing up still.


Nothing hard to imagine about that. Stupid (To be careless) crap happens every day, we all do it. Don't kid yourself.

To your comment about the video being sped up. It is not look at the gentlemen going into the door that almost gets hits. His speed did not change at all.

The reason you think its going faster is because of the pedestrian to vehicle speed difference, and the fact that the camera shakes when the car hits the wall.

It does appear however: that the driver of the car does not fully stop at the parking spot, and may have thought they were shifting to reverse... but instead got a surprise.

>> ^cybrbeast:
Yes this video seems to have been sped up.
Still hard to imagine someone pressing the accelerator instead of the brake.


Come to think of it, I do see a scenario there that isnt as nice as we all think.


Look at the guy getting out of his truck to go into the store. He just got to the parking spot, the black prius (I think) is coming in behind him. Either the driver of the black car wanted to hit this man, or was really pissed that they didn't get the spot. Reason I say this, is that the black car never really stops in the parking spot, it just kind of rolls. That to me looks like the driver is taking aim so to speak.

All speculation of course.


The car moves in a consistent arc and just happens to have a tight enough turning radius to miss the storefronts. The driver hit the gas instead of the brake which hap
pens frequently
. That's why it accelerates so suddenly. It's all a fluke.


i love how he casually threw something in the bin before leaving the area, just to make it a cooler video.


If it is 3x speed then it takes 30 seconds from when the car hits before they even appear to go check on the driver and a minute before someone reaches in and helps them. Even more than a minute later we don't see the driver get out. I'm struck that there was an accident and everyone seems more concerned about the physical damage than if the driver is okay. Maybe they were talking? Hard to tell.


Yeah, to me the driver not ever exiting the vehicle is the most curious thing about the video. At one point you even see one of the people from inside reach into the driver's window - what was that all about?

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