Predator Returns

"When we got the chance to revisit the Predators for AvP:R, we were able to return to design elements that made the original great. Whereas Paul Anderson's Preds were heavily-armored newbies at battling Aliens, the Strauses wanted a craftier, veteran Alien hunter. This lone "Wolf" predator wouldn't need NFL worthy body protection, he relied on his skill and cunning. OK, he also had a nuclear wrist bomb, but the point is, we got to make a sleeker Predator. And the best part was that because there was only one main Pred in the movie, we never had to dress a 6'4" stunt man in a suit made for a 7'1" Ian Whyte. No more chubby Predators. In the end, the movie was so damn dark, who could tell?

Here's Ian Whyte in one of the first test fittings. He was so thrilled not to be lugging around the extra bulk that he decided to take a stroll through ADI."

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Predator Returns

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