Obama is a long-legged mac-daddy! 54 Double D's!!!

First up, I support Obama except for his social agenda, so this is not a blast on him, this is a point on how his enemies are so absolutely insane some times.

HOLY CRAP, THIS DUDE IS WAY OFF THE ROAD FOLKS! Please don't call me a racist for pointing this out. I personally consider all, ALL people are created equal before God and thus should be before men.

I'm reporting it, because it turns out this is big news for obvious reason.

Anyway, quoting this nuts dude:
Obama is a "Long legged freak" and a "mac daddy"?
"He put his name on two big 54 D's!" (referring to "Obama-girl")
"That's the first place it is; on two big old tits!"
Blacks are the "weakest people on the planet" and "ignorant and despicable"?!
"I haven't trashed Obama. His African, IN-HEAT father went a-whoring after a trashy white women. He was BORN TRASH!"

I'm a conservative, and if you believe this, you are F-ING NUTS!

I'll quote it because this person has already been quoted on the sift and because for some reason, people care. Anyway, he's just plain off-wired.

I would put it in *horrible if there was still such a thing. Disgraceful. ooo. how about "lies?" yay.

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Obama is a long-legged mac-daddy! 54 Double D's!!!

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