spoco2 says...

>> ^NordlichReiter:
This is... fucking awkward.
This show is always awkward.

In what way? I think this is one of the most easy talking, non judgmental shows there are. If you have an issue with people talking about sex, or old people talking about sex, then that's you having an issue, nothing to do with the show.

BoneRemake says...

upvote becaues it has all the fantastic qualities a sift should have. anal talk, personal opinions and understanding near the end. A package deal

Rotty says...

>> ^Throbbin:

Don't be so afraid. I've been told it's like your first time, but without all the lubrication.

Well, Throbbin, why don't YOU try it and get back to use on it?

mkknyr says...

Whoa. Should have thought better about what I was going to watch during lunch...


also lol@ "Is he using penis or is he using toys?"

siftbot says...

Tags for this video have been changed from 'anal sex, rectum, vagina, penis, sex with sue, sue johanson' to 'anal sex, rectum, vagina, penis, sex with sue, sue johans, feces, poopoo, on' - edited by ponceleon

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