MINK says...

As a movie, it's kinda... echhhhh.... hmmmm... could do better... doesn't really hang together.

As a series of sketches on the follies and corruptions of today's society projected into the future... it's fucking fantastic.

That's why people who aren't really thinkers get disappointed with it, and probably why fox pulled it (because it actually isn't hit movie material)

The best bit is the guy watching television with 70% of the screen area taken up by animated adverts.

fissionchips says...

With five clips up now this is clearly a sift favourite. I watched it yesterday, and some parts were definitely amusing. It's a better dystopian warning than other scifi movies that take themselves seriously.

moodonia says...

I thought it was pretty funny and was unfairly panned. Some people I've talked to totally hated though. I think if you enjoyed Office Space you ought to like it.

9727 says...

I heard pans about this movie too and then saw it-- I agree it doesn't hold together perfectly, but man is it a funny movie. And pretty scathing at times. It's basically a live-action Futurama. And "You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded" is an AMAZING line. I hope Critttter's comment about supporting the writer's strike was in favor of Mike Judge and this script and not saying "this is the kind of crap we get if we don't support the strike."

Plus Luke Wilson rocks. Underrated.

schmawy says...

There are a lot of things to like about this movie (if if I can a distinction between movie and film). Beavis and Butthead had it's brilliance, too. There's some crude poignance to his work.

my15minutes says...

loved it. own it. it's not the masterpiece that Office Space was, but anyone who outright pans this flick?

...is probably exactly the kind of person this flick is lampooning.

siftbot says...

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