This makes me very angry! Is this the new society we are creating? This idiot School Bus Driver should be charged as well for accessory!

If you are going to vote for this, Vote to bring attention to the story! This is not to glorify or promote this kind of behavior. Kids today have no respect for rule or authority -- something, somehow needs to change!

Hmmm, Good point "doogie" - I myself am not completely sure as to the end result here. The original title was "a rape in bus" with some Spanish(?) "uma garota sendo estuprada." I don't know spanish so maybe someone can translate that for us.

But you could be right here so I'll change the post to "assult" until we know for sure!


We've been hand-wringing since the ancient greeks that the youth have no respect for rule or authority. Trends can only be identified by looking at the data, and as far as I recall, we're not in the midst of any particular crime wave.


I don't think there's a damned difference between rape and actual penetration. If someone holds you down and you can't get free and all they do is grab your tits, that's still rape in my book. Asserting your sexual dominance on someone is rape, rape, RAPE. Grr.


Definition of Rape:

What is the current definition of rape in law?

The Sexual Offenses Act 2003 (the Act) came into force on the 1 May 2004. It repealed almost all of the existing statute law in relation to sexual offenses. The purpose of the Act is to strengthen and modernize the law on sexual offenses, whilst improving preventative measures and the protection of individuals from sexual offenders.

The main provisions of the Act include the following:

* Rape is widened to include oral penetration
* Significant changes to the issue of consent and the abolition of the Morgan defense
* Specific offenses relating to children under 13, 16 and 18
* Offenses to protect vulnerable persons with a mental disorder
* Other miscellaneous offenses
* Strengthening the notification requirements and providing new civil preventative orders

Rape: Forced sexual intercourse; sexual assault; sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor. Rape may be heterosexual (involving members of opposite sexes) or homosexual (involving members of the same sex). Rape involves insertion of an erect penis or an inanimate object into the female vagina or the male anus. Legal definitions of rape may also include forced oral sex and "other sexual acts."

I think the title can go back to Rape instead of just assault!


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