Cricket chirps slowed down sound like a human choir!



I have taken numerous recordings of crickets and slowed them waaaaay down, and I don't get anything even close to this.

I think it's a lame attempt to "prove" that some divine entity made us all.

Seriously: show me the exact methods used to create this sound, or it didn't happen.


I think they not only slow the recordings down but also pitch-shift the recordings up to be 'close' to a human voice in frequency (and then there is nothing to stop you from further moving this frequency around to hit different notes, as I think the artist did). @VaginalOintment

Plus they confusingly have layers of chirps still overlayed with the 'choir' sound... so its really a mess in terms of the claims being made (and I didn't upvote)


I foolishly upvoted before getting to the end, which brought serious doubt into my mind. I want to hear it go from normal, slowed all the way down to this without interference. While this may be nothing but cricket sounds, I can't believe that it hasn't been doctored in any way other than speed.

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Cricket chirps slowed down sound like a human choir!

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