Drax says...

So the scenario was something like, 'Hmm.. that demon_ix guy is stalking me with a video camera. ...I should do something. I'll need a weapon... Maybe a spear.... I should get to work.'...?

Lann says...

What I'm actually doing is forging these rods down for tree branches. @Drax the thought of using them as a spear sure is tempting...want to come over?

Stormsinger says...

I actually didn't know that anyone was still manually blacksmithing (maybe semi-manual, or manual-assisted?)...except for those few fanatics/purists/hobbyists you find at renn fests. Is this a full-time job (I'd assume so, given that piece of machinery), or more of a hobby, @Lann?

Either way, it's a fascinating glimpse at an activity I am/was completely clueless about.

Lann says...

>> ^gwiz665:
See, I always thought of you as a guy who preferred his rod power hammered..
>> ^blankfist:
Very cool. I wince at anything that makes a powerful smashing action near any rod.

So what's this...are you making BF an offer?

siftbot says...

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