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Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

bmacs27 says...

Being honest guys, he didn't enunciate it perfectly, but it clearly ended in a t, and he clearly meant epithet. I can't help but wonder if the tone of these comments would be different if the speaker weren't black.

Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

Family Guy - Super Death!

Great Voice from Lake Street Dive

How High Frequency Trading Works

bmacs27 says...

I like radiolab. I agree, they could leave a bit more air time. They're well researched though. I follow this topic relatively closely, but they still showed me something and managed to keep me entertained.

The Most Ridiculous Moments In Ted Cruz's Phony Filibuster

Men of the Sift, Is this a thing? Seriously??

Stephen Colbert: Super Reagan

bmacs27 says...

I beg to differ. You are literally invoking Godwin. I'm literally invoking pedantry. See the difference?

ChaosEngine said:

@bmacs27, you are literally invoking Godwin. Yes, if you are going to accuse someone as being comparable to a dictator widely regarded as one of the greatest monsters history, you should have a decent argument to back you up.

Stephen Colbert: Super Reagan

bmacs27 says...

Right, because every comparison to Hitler is meant as a rigorous historical analysis, and comparing turning off the TV to Abu Ghraib isn't hyperbolic at all. Good thing you've got so much perspective.

Stephen Colbert: Super Reagan

bmacs27 says...

Are you being pedantic for any good reason? Hyperbole can be useful. The fact is, we don't fully know the extent of atrocities committed by American Empire. As you know, history is written by the victors. What little we do know suggests we could be the worst global offenders over the last 30 years. We imprison our citizens at a higher rate than any other nation. We engage in more wars, and have clandestine involvement in still more (estimates vary, but on the high end the figures are staggering). We provide the means of oppression to brutal despots to retain trade advantages. We manipulate the global economy, potentially starving millions, just to collect on our loans. We rationalize the torture of our enemies. We treat sovereignty like a worry for lesser nations. We shred our own constitution, while suggesting it as a blueprint for others to follow. I mean... what do you want? A fucking bar chart? These aren't trading cards. You can't just flip over your ballot to look at their moral batting average.

ChaosEngine said:

@cosmovitelli, I'm still not seeing any hard facts from you. Yes, those are all awful things, but you are alleging that these people are demonstrably worse than Hitler (systematically killed at least 6 million Jews, arguably responsible for the largest conflict the world has ever seen), Stalin (murdered, tortured and deported .... well, no-one knows, but estimates range from 3 to 60 million) and Genghis Khan (killed a sizeable percentage of the worlds population at the time).

Also, you are aggregating the acts of every US president since Truman vs the acts of 3 individuals.

That's an extraordinary claim, and I think you need to provide some facts and figures to back it up.


bmacs27 says...

This, I think, is the primary function of the video. The bigger picture is that cell phones are moving rapidly in the wrong direction. Even user replaceable batteries are less commonplace. The only way to stop this trend is to apply market pressure. That is, show them that they will lose sales to a more modular/reusable/upgradable competitor. If the video convinces one device manufacturer to push just a little bit in that direction I'd consider it a win.

direpickle said:

All of the entrenched companies are already pushing out the standardized modular storage that we used to have (SDHC). Why would they suddenly swing the other direction?

Can You Trust Your Eyes?

bmacs27 says...

I think he chose his wording a little poorly. The purpose of perception is to estimate physical properties of the environment. It's just not meant to estimate the exact intensities and so forth. For example, in the Adelson checkerboard illusion, you are reporting your perception of the surface reflectances irrespective of illuminant. That's a perfectly sensible environmental property to estimate. It just isn't a direct mapping to the image falling on your retina.

Australian Prime Minister Humiliates Pastor

bmacs27 says...

My understanding is that Australia, on the whole, is somewhat more bigoted than the United States.

Canadian Drive-by: Good Guy Motorcycle Rider

bmacs27 says...

I live in Texas (as 'Merica as 'Merica gets). There was a vet with a rascal that had a dead battery. Dude weighed around 400 pounds. I pushed that son of a gun half a mile to a grocery store where he could plug in. Meanwhile in Canada some Inuit was called a harpoon chucker.

Ann Coulter Sounds Like Moron, Tries to Save Face

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