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Science Vlogger reads her comments

bmacs27 says...

It happens to men all the time. That's part of talking in front of a camera. You get evaluated on appearance. If a guy got up there with a neck beard and schlubby clothes people will tell him to get himself together. That is if they don't tell him to eat shit and die first.

Being called both beautiful and smart isn't bullying.

The problem isn't sexism. It's lookism.

shatterdrose said:

No, but when a male makes a blog about science, it's not littered with "wow, you're hot" the same way a female's is. That is sexism. When it's ok to do it towards one sex but not the other.

Plus, if her video is about magnets, what does her being attractive have to do with it? (Yes, I know, I left that one wide open for puns, mostly because I find them so polarizing.)

Also, it makes those who are not attractive (one of the points she also made) feel like they cannot join the STEM vlog's because they will be called ugly, fat etc. So yes, it is bullying.

Science Vlogger reads her comments

109 yd Return on Missed Field Goal Attempt - Auburn to Win

109 yd Return on Missed Field Goal Attempt - Auburn to Win

Father Arrested for Picking Up His Children on Foot

bmacs27 says...

So you do have waivers, or at least arrangements about how to deal with young kids leaving schools. That's all that's going on here. To have any sort of arrangement for older kids would be strange. High schoolers often have their own car and can come and go as they please.


You do have cops at schools. It's a recent development here too, and not at all widespread. The only cops I was ever familiar with at schools were "DARE" officers who taught don't do drugs class. I never saw one enforce anything beyond giving a stern look at the occasional teenager. Common fucking sense states that this is a video on the internet because it is not the status quo. At all.

Finally "people" didn't say it was right that he was arrested. One guy implied maybe we don't know the whole story. Then you flew off the handle.

My understanding is that british schools ban kids from having best friends and teachers from using red ink. That's fucking weird, and I saw it on the internet, so it must be true.

robbersdog49 said:

The form isn't to let them go rock climbing, it's for them to walk home. And as I understand it it's an eight year old and a 14 year old.

Here in the UK we use a different system. It's called common fucking sense.

My mother is a secondary school teacher and my sister in law is a primary and nursery teacher. They both happened to come round my house tonight and I mentioned this video and asked them about exactly what happens in schools in the UK today, as I'm a little out of touch (it's a good few years since I was at school).

They were both utterly confused by the video. Police in schools in the UK is a very rare thing, and they're only called in as a last resort. This situation would never have ended with police being called unless the guy was actually being a threat, which he clearly isn't. Any escalation would have been passed on to the senior members of staff who would deal with the situation.

As for the waivers to let the kids walk home in the UK it's simple. At secondary school level, so 11 and up, once they're off the school site they're your responsibility. You can pick them up or let them walk or catch the bus or whatever, but the school won't check that for you. Younger kids there's an agreement with the school about who will pick them up, but it's not as formal as the forms in the video. But there is a key word on file so if someone comes to pick up the kid that the staff don't know they need to give the key word to be able to get the kid.

But if a parent comes to take a kid out of school, even in the middle of a class, they can't stop them and they wouldn't call the police as a parent picking up their kid isn't a police matter.

Police would only ever be involved if there was violence or the real threat of violence. The thought that the police could enforce school rules is bizarre.

I don't know what else to say. I'm glad this isn't the case everywhere in America. There are a lot of differences between the UK and America which are nation wide though. I'm sorry I'm not an expert on your school system. From what you say though the police in schools thing is something that's not unusual in America, and I find that strange.

I find the whole video fucked up, and even more so the fact that some people in this thread seem to think it was right for the guy to be arrested. That it's OK for the school to keep the kids from the parents.

It's all just fucking weird.

Father Arrested for Picking Up His Children on Foot

bmacs27 says...

Clearly you're off your meds.

chingalera said:

@bmacs27: GOD I fucking hate when people use the word "CLEARLY!" CLEARLY this blah blah blah and CLEARLY...Stop it...makes you sound like a pretentious idiot.

Look-All this ineffectual spit-poppin' on this thread:

Guy goes to school to pick up his kids and is harassed by bullshit rules and bullshit police. SIMPLE


The incident is complete bullshit, and a symptom of the insanity of shit like homeland security that relentlessly inept citizenry (insert blog-bitcher here) have let complete agenda-oriented cabals of politicians and their keepers, hustle you for.

Didn't Ben Fucking Franklin warn that anyone who sacrifices freedom for security deserve neither??

Ya buncha fucking idiots...

Father Arrested for Picking Up His Children on Foot

bmacs27 says...

First of all, there is no "norm in America." It's a big fucking place, and schools are locally managed. I suppose waivers are relatively normal when children are expected to be in a risky situation without the supervision of their guardian. Suppose for example your kids were going to go on a rock climbing field trip. Would parents not be asked to consent to that? That's fucking weird. The weird part is that this waiver is clearly not related to the situation. These particular people at this particular school are clearly particularly stupid. That's why it's a video on the internet. It's not weird that they want 5 year olds' guardians to arrange for some sort of supervised transport home. I think it would be strange to just let a 5 year old walk miles down a highway to their home. The school would clearly have some liability if they allowed the child to do that without their guardian's permission.

As for the cop, well, again, that's a locale to locale sort of thing. He might not be a permanent fixture at the school (although some schools have rent-a-cops). He may have been called in because the guy caused a ruckus off camera. Do you not have cops go to places where there is an incident? So, for example, if someone went to a school and refused to leave until his demands were met, would you not call in a cop to mediate the situation?

robbersdog49 said:

I think there's a lot more here that I find stupid than just the police officer and the arrest. The form signing? That hasn't been questioned by anyone else but I've never seen that here in the UK. That there's even an officer there? Again, that's just nuts.

Everything about this situation is weird and alien to me as a brit, not just the arrest. From the reactions of others here it seems that all these things are normal, it's just a surprise that the guy got arrested. For me, everything is a surprise.

What is the norm in America? I'm hoping that your kids can leave school and go home. That's what happens here. Are police routinely at schools like this? Is the liability waiving form signing normal too?

Father Arrested for Picking Up His Children on Foot

bmacs27 says...

Are all Brits really stupid enough to think this video in any way reflects the American status quo?

robbersdog49 said:

Jesus fucking christ, this is just unbelievable! How they kept their cool in the fact of that fucking idiot. Wow.

How does a country get this fucked up? This guy was there to walk his kids home, simple as that. And they arrested him for it?

There's so much about this that I can't understand. How does a system get so broken

Big Budget Hollywood Movie About Noah's Ark with Russel Crow

bmacs27 says...

That's why he left the dinosaurs. Duh.

st0nedeye said:

Sorry but no.

There was no worldwide flood. It's a silly myth. Perhaps you should open your mind to the idea that not everything in your Bible is true, particularly the things that are absurd and utterly impossible, like say, fitting all the worlds species on one boat.

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

bmacs27 says...

Can you point me towards a comparable situation? I can't recall a situation where he was making an emotional plea about an important topic and was ripped for his usual stutter. People like Jon Stewart pick their spots. Comedy is about timing.

I'm not saying you can't get your digs in. I'm saying there's a time and place. Shannon Sharpe's speech impediments and questionable word choice are widely joked about:,7044/

That doesn't bother me. He's plenty self deprecating about his "book smahts." My issue is with context. 99 percent of the time you could crack these jokes in his face and he'd laugh right along with you. If you did it here, he'd rip you in half. The guy grew up dirt ass poor in rural georgia. He made himself a millionaire. What does he need to do for the peanut gallery to shut the fuck up for 2 minutes while he talks about something important? If he was being granted a shred of respect, they would.

Payback said:

I have just 1 word for you:

George W Bush.

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

bmacs27 says...

This probably requires some background. The details of the story are not totally clear, and won't be pending an investigation. The facts are that Jonathan Martin left the team after what was described as a "breakdown" in the cafeteria. Apparently the team was pranking him by banding together and refusing to sit with him. This is the sort of behavior you see. Afterwards allegations of physical beating and voice mails were revealed that suggested Richie Incognito (I know, ironic name) was the primary perpetrator of the abuses.

Focus has been on the use of the racial epithet in question. Frankly, I think this is a red herring. I, like many of you, don't really care about the use of that word. That said, I think Shannon is correct in stating there are signs of something deeper here. That is, real actual issues of race relations.

You've heard here that Incognito is thought of as an "honorary black" in that locker room. More background is that Jonathan Martin would have been the third generation in his family to graduate from Harvard, but he decided to go to Stanford instead. It's been suggested that Martin was ostracized more for this reason than anything. He just came from a completely different place than most of the other guys playing. At its root, the allegation is that they made him feel uncomfortable for coming from a wealthy black family.

What I find much more upsetting than any epithet is what I interpreted to be a continuation of the sort of attitude Shannon was talking about. By implying he had used an incorrect word rather than emotionally flubbing its pronunciation the implication, to me, is that his intellect is not being respected. Since this clip is most definitely about race, and that is a common stereotype about black men, I couldn't help but wonder if his skin color biased your judgements. That, to me, is much more troubling than throwing around nigger, fag, or kyke with your friends.

In the end, I think this whole story will blow over. It's just as likely to me that Martin was replaced as a starter, and is now trying to lawyer up (call his parents) to cash out his career. We won't know until they look into it. Still, in this context, I was surprised people here of all places would belittle this sort of commentary, and by extension the commentator. It's disrespectful to the message if nothing else. If you don't find discussions of race relations worth being dignified then I guess I think you're kind of a dick even if you aren't a bigot.

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

bmacs27 says...

The implication is that he doesn't know the words he's using. That is, they are implying he's dumb. That's a racist implication. Given the nature of the content, it's surprising to me that sifters wouldn't be more sensitive to that.

If I were to imply some guy with a lisp must wear panties in the bedroom you all would be up in arms.

Shannon Sharpe Rips the Dolphins' Locker Room Culture

bmacs27 says...

Being honest guys, he didn't enunciate it perfectly, but it clearly ended in a t, and he clearly meant epithet. I can't help but wonder if the tone of these comments would be different if the speaker weren't black.

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