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What happens if you reverse sex roles in advertising?

bmacs27 says...

That actually wasn't particularly weird. If those had just been ads, and not put I this context, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. You probably would have sold fewer chips though.

Beautiful rendition of "Circle of Life" - she thought!

David Mitchell on Atheism

Understanding Ukraine: Problems Today & Historical Context

Angle grinder chainsaw

Man Escapes 5 Yr Sentence After Dash Cam Footage Clears Him

bmacs27 says...

@lantern53 Honestly, you are coming across as very reasonable right now, and clearly you come from a position of direct experience. I'd like to know a bit more about your opinion.

What do you think the police could do to strengthen their public image? Clearly, the institution is not as respected as it should be (that is, it is widely maligned), and I agree, good cops too often get ignored. Do you suppose their poor public image has more to do with a few bad individuals, or is there a more systemic problem possibly with the organization of local departments? I suppose it could also have to do with the laws they are asked to enforce, e.g. marijuana prohibition is notoriously unpopular potentially breeding distrust of law enforcement more generally.

As a follow up, how do you feel concerns about a crooked PD should be handled? Do you trust IA to handle these sorts of allegations for the most part, or are concerns about the "blue wall" justified? Can you think of a better mechanism for enforcing good behavior among officers? Should we just tolerate violent criminal activity in law enforcement because it is rare, and we should "take the bad with the good?"

One Take Pharrell Mashup Music Video - Pomplamoose

bmacs27 says...

While Nataly is obviously beautiful and talented, I can't help but feel like she's lost a bit more her innocence than Jack. That was always where I thought they got their charm. Jack still seems to really be losing himself in the music, and just plain having fun. Nataly seems to have lost some of that.

Motivation: Rare Footage of Pre-SNL Chris Farley Performing.

possom (Member Profile)

"The Magic Man" Magic Johnson mix

Not For Astronauts...

Twin Peaks 12 days of Christmas song

i had a black dog-his name was depression

Muhammad Ali Avoids 21 Punches in 10 Seconds

Science Vlogger reads her comments

bmacs27 says...

@shatterdrose Not everything is a gendered issue. Just because someone draws a line and says that this particular problem doesn't reduce to sexism doesn't mean they support spousal abuse and sex trafficking (both of which are obviously gendered). Compare Emily's experience to this one:

Personally I would call the latter true internet abuse. Notice that by her own report most of the perpetrators were women. Equating these two concerns trivializes the issue. If Emily had said maybe women don't want to be STEM bloggers because in their country they are subject to genital mutilation, sexual slavery, or aren't educated then I would agree with her. Instead she ranted about her attractive white westerner problems.

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