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Scary Train Ride Through a Dense Forest

Happy 3rd Birthday Skylynn - This is what life is like!

Egyptian teacher filmed hitting all his students with stick

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Chimpanzee Militia on the Rampage - Planet Earth

Angua1 says...

>> ^ant:

But humans don't eat each other in wars.
<div><div style="margin: 10px; overflow: auto; width: 80%; float: left; position: relative;" class="convoPiece"> raverman said:<img style="margin: 4px 10px 10px; float: left; width: 40px;" src="" onerror="ph(this)"><div style="position: absolute; margin-left: 52px; padding-top: 1px; font-size: 10px;" class="commentarrow">◄</div><div style="padding: 8px; margin-left: 60px; margin-top: 2px; min-height: 30px;" class="nestedComment box">"give peace a chance"
Sorry, can't. Biological Primate Imperative.

Yes they do. But maybe you're being sarcastic.

Vibram Five Fingers Running Shoe Reviewed

The importance of running technique

Angua1 says...

I think learning to run barefoot as a kid probably helps a lot of those African runners with technique.

I switched to barefoot running recently. I'm working on building up the callouses on my skin and do small distances with no shoes at all. Feels great, even in the street. I use Vibrams for longer runs. My joint pain has disappeared. Long story short, my running shoes were making me run badly. I don't hit my heel on the ground anymore, and I land with much more bend in my knee. My stride feels more fluid ... and I have to say a lot less bouncy. I still don't have the extension, but I'm working on that.

This NPR report has an interesting video comparing the stride of a runner who wears shoes and a runner who always ran without shoes.

Jon Stewart Interview on The O'Reilly Factor (part 1)

Colbert - March to Keep Fear Alive

Japanese Precision at it's Best/Weirdest

Mouse Roulette

Epic Ninja Ball Girl Catches Foul Ball

Siberian Husky Autotunes baby to silence.

Fat Marmot Eats Graham Cracker

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