Posting easy bet videos from Reddit's front page

Hi all,
Just something I've noticed in the last few moths since I got involved in Reddit, videos that are front paged there are easy bets for going top 15 on videosift. Frequently with the same or similar title to that used on Reddit.

I have really mixed feelings about this. Is there a way that the videosift points system could reward posters of videos that were not plucked from there? A way that real rare undiscovered gems could be rewarded above these? I've passed up on at least 5 in the last week that I knew would go top 15 here easily. About 12 hours ago here in Ireland that video of the little Asian girl percussionist was front page on reddit. 7 hous ago it was on videosift with a very similar title to the reddit one.

What does anytone think about this? I'm just afraid of videosift becoming (more than ever) a race to get there first, rather than worrying about quality, it becomes a who-can-post-videos-from-Reddit-first machine.

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