On Seniority for Power Point Accrual

I have a little print-out by my desk that says "strive for clarity but be comfortable with ambiguity". Since we've launched VideoSift 5.0 there has been quite a bit of ambiguity about promotes, power points and other features. Even though @lucky760 and I are here every day - we don't know everything about what makes VideoSift tick. It's like a pocket watch that's a blend of gears and some kind of plant that grows on its own and powers the watch.

By associating maximum power points to years of seniority on VideoSift - I didn't realize that we'd be causing real hurt feelings. If I was callous, I would say that many people were "butt-hurt". But I am not. Some Sifters thought that this was a deliberate effort to shoot down high-performing new members.

I can tell you for certain, this was never thought of by Lucky or myself. We tend to look at things on a systematic level- we try to to feed the plant and grease the gears that powers this mutant pocket watch.

What I can tell you is that the systematic problem that we wanted to fix, a small one about stock-piling of power points, is far outweighed by the trauma the solution seems to have caused. So, effective immediately, we've undone the change to limit maximum power points by years of Sift service. I hope this provides some clarity. Sorry for the pain.

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